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Receiving a purchase order is the next topic for this tutorial as we receive a line item on a purchase order we created in Part 1 of the material management series.  We also make some configuration changes so that The Lean Machine will automatically create serial numbered tracking of each item received, and initiate an inspection record with an inspection template we set up to load as our receiving inspection checklist for this part.

We also take a look at how The Lean Machine can help you automate the receipt of serial numbered items when that batch of items has a sequential component to the serial numbers.

These items are received into the virtual “boxes” on the Quantity Location screen, which holds the information about the items received, including Qty, Location, serial / lot number, and links to the PO, inspection, sales order, or work order records in TLM that put them there.

Of course for Quantity / location “boxes” that are used for serial or lot numbered items don’t get reused, as they are also have a role in tracking and traceability.


In this tutorial we will see how to add new items to inventory, add that item to a bill of materials, and purchase it from an approved vendor.

After initiating the PO, we will discover a PO is already open for that vendor and add our new item to it before approving, printing a .pdf and attaching that .pdf to an e-mail we will send to the vendor.



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