IT Support

Need help with your network, or PCs? These companies can help:

For smaller companies getting IT issue solved can sometimes be very difficult without qualified personnel on staff that can tackle the problem.   PC Doctors can provide both local networking support, PC support, and hosted solution support.   Just contact them at ‘’ to open a support ticket and the’yll take care of it remotely.


Pamiken Consulting provides full service IT support for businesses of any size.  We can provide support locally or remotely.   Utilizing our encrypted web based support software we can assist any pc even if you are behind a firewall.  This allows us to assist any user regardless of where they are as long as they have Internet access.  Contact us at 408-891-2778 or


If you need marketing help, either printed or digital, or help with your Word Press web site, Karrie DiSanto has earned our highest recommendation.  What makes Karrie unique is both the breadth and width of her skill set.  If you’ve ever felt like “good help is hard to find,” finding Karrie will remind you of just how true that statement really is, only this time it will be because you found someone good.


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