MOCG is a premier ISO Management Consulting Company that develops and engineers ISO and
related systems in companies around the world.

Some of the biggest frustrations everyone has when trying to select a ISO management consulting firm are:


  • You don’t know if the ISO consultants you are hiring really are the experts in their field and are knowledgeable of the ISO standards.  You don’t know if the ISO
    consultants will keep to their schedule and if the ISO system they leave you with is actually customized for you’re company and if it will increase your efficiency and bottom line profits.
  • This can cause the ISO certification process to take twice as long as estimated and cost thousands of dollars more than what was quoted and leave you with a generic ISO system that you can not implement.  This results in your company scrambling before every ISO surveillance audit and never reduces your customer audits or
    increases their confidence in your capabilities.

At MOCG, we help you avoid these problems and frustrations through our unique ISO Business System Evaluation and our step by step ISO process improvement methodology which means:


  • We are interested in improving your business and saving you money.  You must understand this is our motivating force and what has made us successful.  As a natural
    by-product of the system we put in place, you will get your ISO certification.  We look for productivity improvement potential throughout the ISO process and use ISO as the frame work, rather then just meeting the minimum requirements of the ISO standards.

We have developed a Free ISO Advisory Report called “The 10 Biggest Mistakes When Implementing an ISO Quality System and How To Over Come Them All”.  This ISO report will educate you on what a quality system is suppose to do for your company, the scams and approaches to avoid and how to optimize your results.


If you would like a copy of my Free ISO Advisory Report please complete our RequestForm and a copy will be sent to you.



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