Delpha Quality Consulting delivers tangible results in the shortest time to help your company be better at who you are and what you do.Quality Consulting with Results

In the end you will be able to say with confidence, “our Quality Management System is us!”

The difference, bottom up believability… quality for profit!

Delpha Quality Consulting is a service-based ISO 9001 consultancy dedicated to tailored activities that help organizations to:

  • Improve processes, people, culture, customer focus, operational performance
  • Maximize productivity and bottom line results

The goal is not to just comply with the applicable ISO standard(s) but to demystify the requirements in order to add value to your organization through increased effectiveness, efficiency and less cost. Delpha Quality Consulting focuses on results-oriented lean quality consulting, efficient ISO quality audits, lean ISO manuals and documentation and effective practical ISO training.

Benefits of Working with Delpha Quality Consulting to establish and implement your Quality Management System

  • Marketing advantage – potential increased business – they will ensure that initially you will be positioned to take advantage of all marketing possibilities.
  • Improved utilization of time and increased efficiency – they work with your people to identify opportunities to remove waste in the operation during QMS development and implementation.
  • Increased customer satisfaction – they will make certain that the QMS processes consistently and completely reflect and drive organizational customer focus and satisfaction.
  • Consistent quality and timely delivery – they will concentrate on control and repeatability in every QMS process.
  • Valid performance data that you customers can trust – your process and product measurements will be robust and credible.
  • Responsibilities of personnel clearly defined – they apply lean document development techniques that ensure employees are crystal clear about their responsibilities as well as those of others in the operation.
  • Documented system provides useful reference – they will position the organization to always be able to refer to easily understandable and user friendly documentation when questions arise and when training is necessary.
  • Lower reject rates, rework, and warranty costs – they will challenge your organization at every turn to evaluate and incorporate appropriate processing methods, monitoring routines and employee training.
  • Improved control during periods of change or growth – they work with you to clearly and easily define and document the sequence and interaction of processes so that your organization can more readily cope with organizational changes.


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