Internal E-mail

The internal e-mail system provides an e-mail system for your users that can both send mail via MS Outlook, as well as import sent or received mail in MS Outlook.  This e-mail is completely self sufficient and will provide an e-mail style communication tool, even when external e-mail has not been set up.

With our Internal Email module you can:

  • Send email to other licensed users of The Lean Machine on your network independent of other e-mail applications.  This internal e-mail does not travel over the Internet and can not be infected with viruses.
  • Send e-mail via MS Outlook to other Internet Addresses.  When sent from the Contact Manager module, there is a record of the e-mail to a customer or vendor that other users may need to know about when dealing with that particular company.
  • Create E-mail groups for quick addressing to multiple persons.
  • Customize your own e-mail signature block with contact information.
  • Spell check, and message reply.
  • Import e-mail from the Outlook Inbox or Sent Items into the contact history of the appropriate company in the Contact Management module.

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