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Explore The Lean Machine

This short video is designed to give someone new to The Lean Machine some familiarity with basic navigation, and some of the main concepts like the user Dashboard, and how easy it is to navigate and create new records.

If The Lean Machine looks like a viable candidate, we should schedule a time so we can show it to you based on what YOU need it to do in your company, as TLM is a great platform for creating QMS solutions that work in your organization, but we need to know your priorities in order to show it to you in a way that answers all those questions, and addresses your highest priority needs…. it’s really more like free consulting than a sales demo.

TLM offers training series for all modules. The video below is the first in the “Document Management Training” series. Click here to view other lessons in this series.

Explore TLM in more depth by logging in to a hosted demo. Keep in mind that the performance of this hosted version depends on your location and bandwith connection; also be aware that any information entered will not be saved.

1. Install the version of The Lean Machine that matches your MS Outlook version, if you are using MS Outlook. If not, just install the 2013 version:

MS Office 2007 (32 bit) – Click Here

MS Office 2010 (32 bit)  – Click Here

MS Office 365/2013 or higher (32 bit) – Click Here

MS Office 365/2013 or higher (64 bit) – Click Here

2. Install OpenVPN so you can connect to the hosted demo database:
OpenVPN (32 bit Windows OS) (64 bit Windows OS)

  1. Install OpenVPN
  2. Unzip the certificate files from LMBS to a folder
  3. Cut and paste them from this folder to C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config
  4. Always run OpenVPN as administrator, then right click the OpenVPN icon and select connect
  5. Then open TLM once a connection has been established and the icon is green.

3. Log into The Lean Machine as:
User: Ben Desoto
Password: Letmein359

Other Instructions:

    1. The first time installation is pretty much a click through event, with the exception of the MySQL ODBC driver. The default option of “Typical” should be changed to “Complete.”
    2. If asked to reboot in the middle of the installation, select No, and wait until you get the “Installation is Complete” screen for The Lean Machine. Then you can reboot if needed.
    3. If you receive an ActiveX error message when trying to login after relinking, do the following:
      1. Install .NET 2.0 This is needed to support the licensing system TLM uses.
      2. Right click RegisterTasks.bat in C:\LMBS\TheLeanMachine and select open. You should see a DOS window that ends with “Registered Successfully” then closes automatically.
      3. PLEASE contact us if you have any installation issues, as we will be glad to provide support.

We are very accommodating in terms of helping you manage the purchasing risk and making sure TLM is a good fit for your QMS needs. Keep in mind that pricing includes ALL modules.

User Licensing

Fees start at $325 per installed computer; more than 20 computers qualify for discounts. This is a one-time fee. for all modules.


a) Client-hosted, on-site MySQL database: one time installation and configuration charge of $250, OR
b) Data Center-hosted: Varies from $140 – $175 per month for hosting which includes off site backups. (The demo is hosted at a data center in Washington state)

Support and Updates

$500 or 10% of total licensing cost per year

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