Go Beyond ISO 9001 Certification

Go Beyond ISO 9001 Certification

Certification is one thing, putting useful tools in the hands of your employees that actually help your business is not always the end result of implementing ISO 9001.

Let’s be honest, when CEO’s and upper management get together and compare notes, what do they really say about their new ISO based quality system?

Does meeting the standard and getting the certificate automatically get them a streamlines set of processes that justify their cost in expense and effort by providing intelligent control of process variation, risk management, while still enabling the continuous improvement efforts your employees need to make to keep the organization competitive and adjusting to market changes?

Probably not, and very unlikely if they are managing their quality management system on paper.

How do you push a button and display data driven information when your data is on paper?

And while using software for your QMS is better than paper, can that software adapt to the ideas your employees have that will ultimately effect how well they can serve your customers?

After 12 years of listening to customer feedback, we can tell you one thing for certain….

Continuous improvement is about the details 

When one of your employees has to perform a daily task and that task involves selecting information from a drop down list, that list might have three columns of information to help them find their choice.

For your company, however, that choice is best made with information you are collecting, but isn’t on that particular drop down list.  Not having that information causes that employee to spend extra time each day finding the correct record to select.

If only the software had the one extra piece of information, their lives would be so much easier.

If you are using The Lean Machine, those little changes can easily be made and your software updated in a matter of days, if not the next day.

No one else can do that for you, and being able to do that not only facilitates continuous improvement, but also serves to eliminate the risk of choosing The Lean Machine in the first place.

Continuous improvement and peace of mind you didn’t just spend $90,000 on some other software that can’t respond to your needs next month, or next year.

 It just doesn’t get any better than that.


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