QuickBooks and ERP Integration

QuickBooks and ERP Integration

Intergrates with QuickBooks and we can customize ERP integration so that TLM can provide the quality tools your ERP system might be lacking.

Connection Manager

This open source code utility allows you to create data connections between your existing data systems and The Lean Machine. Using an ODBC connection LMBS will connect your MRP/ERP/Accounting application and customize queries to move data between your application and The Lean Machine where needed and based on your specifications.

Connection Manager is implemented as a project, the scope of which will determine the cost based on our current hourly rate for support projects.

QuickBooks Integration Tool

Our Accounting Integration Tool is specifically designed to integrate with QuickBooks Premier or QuickBooks Enterprise so that you can customize the type of data integration you need, and in most cases the application (QB or TLM) that will act as the primary data input software.

Due to the customized nature of these integration projects, you can expect to need some support as we will want to first test the integration on non-live databases on both the TLM and QB side to make sure everything is performing as it should.


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