New Inspection Reports

New Inspection Reports

One of our customers sent us a spreadsheet they had been using in their manual quality system in hopes that our software could produce a similar report, as their management was expecting something like this during management review meetings.   Of course the built in reporting didn’t quite have what they needed, but then isn’t that usually the case?  A year after your software purchase you finally get around to implementing and thinking about your reporting needs, and only then do your realize your six figure investment comes up a little short for what you really need it to do.


We liked the layout and simplicity of the reporting and decided to include a similar report in our next update.



Of course the new report in TLM goes one step further and creates navigation links to the inspection records that resulted in the rejected lots so your can drill down to the individual reporting details from a given report.

We even color coded the output based on the Yield Expectation you configure for the individual vendor so it is easy to see where the problems are.

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