New User Orientation

New User Orientation

Whenever I start an on-line demo with a prospect, I find it’s very helpful to start with an explanation of some of the concepts behind how The Lean Machine is organized, so when we start moving around and looking at different screens, there is a sense of familiarity about where we are.

After getting enough positive feedback about how helpful this was, it make sense to make a tutorial out of it and send it to prospects in advance of the tutorial.  That let’s us get right into the fun stuff, which was how The Lean Machine could meet the specific quality system needs the organization had.

In this tutorial we explain some the basic ideas around:

  1. General Navigation
  2. User Dashboard
  3. Custom Fields
  4. System Settings
  5. Short cut conventions and Module Settings
  6. The Tools screen

(7 min, 45 sec)


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