Lean Manufacturing

Production Management modules help a company manage the life cycle of their products, from design through sales order.  Lot and Serial number traceability are also provided as well as many system setting options to customize modules to meet your specific needs.

Lean Manufacturing Modules:

Design Control
This module provides the engineer a starting point for product development.   While most drawing programs also provide a mean to create a BOM list for the drawing, eventually that part list needs to be integrated with the rest of your manufacturing information systems such as purchasing, inspections, non-conforming materials, etc.

The Design Control module allows prototyping flexibility with the review and approval controls to move a part and it’s components from a “In-Design” status to “In-Production.”

This module supports the configuration of the Bill of Materials and meeting the design and planning requirements of section 7.3 in most ISO standards for quality management systems.

Purchase Orders
This module allows you to generated a list of items to request a quote from a vendor, or to order items.

Inventory Management / Bill of Materials
This module allows you to manage and track parts and materials, their storage locations, quantities, lot and serial numbers, as well as the status of their availability.   You can also define inspection criteria (quality plans) that are integrated with the purchase order and work order modules.

Work Orders
The Work Order module is used to define, control and record the operations associated with manufacturing an item, whether its a sub-assembly, or final product.  Operations can be defined to fit what your company does, whether it’s assembly, machining, or some combination of assembly and fabrication whether performed in-house, or out-sourced to a vendor.

Sales Orders
The Sales Order module allows you to draw down from inventory or create a production demand as you define the items purchased by a customer and the terms of the sale.   This module ultimately provides the serial and lot number tracking link to the customer and the work order and/or purchase order related to the parts involved.

Document Management Software
Nothing is more fundamental than a good document control system, and it applies to every aspect of your business, so it is listed under every category.  This module Provides both single and multiple document release capability and links between your documents and other areas of your business systems.  It provides users with easy access to the latest procedures, and document authors with a multitude of conveniences and features for managing documents and controlling change to procedures.

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