Quality Records

The Quality Records module will help you manage what is essentially the evidence that you are doing what your procedures say you are doing.

When your procedures indicate that you write something down, or type it into a computer, that is most likely a “quality record” and something an auditor is going to read in your procedure and then ask to see.

Knowing which procedures are generating records, where they are located, and how long they need to be maintained will help make sure that there are no surprises during your audit.

Plus, since so many of your quality activities will be electronic within The Lean Machine, the amount of paper records you will need to keep gets drastically reduced.

With our Quality Records module you can:

  • Keep track of which procedures are generating records, and the details about those records.
  • Maintain a log of all quality records, which can be linked to the appropriate procedure that creates them.
  • Directly manage the electronic records created in The Lean Machine for a retention period you specify before allowing someone with the appropriate permission access to the record for permanent deletion.
  • Generate reports that allow focused audits of quality records in preparation for ISO 9000 or other registration audits.

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