TLM Mobile

The following installation files can be used to install TLM Mobile on new computers or to resolve errors with existing installations.

Everything needed to run the software, except The Lean Machine and your Database file.  This package includes: Access Runtime with SP3 MS Jet 4.0 SP8, Total Access Memo, and shortcuts. (Approximately 81 MB)

Instructions for Installing new computers

  1. Download and run the Complete Support File Package
  2. Download and Run the latest update file for an installation in C:\LMBS\TheLeanMachine. (Option 1)
  3. Move a copy of  LeanMachineDataMobile.mdb  to  C:\LMBS\TheLeanMachine

For existing installations, move a copy of an existing local database to C:\LMBS\TheLeanMachine .  For earlier installations, this file will be located at  C:\Program Files\TheLeanMachine\Data and called LeanMachineDataLocal.mdb. Rename the database to LeanMachineDataMobile.mdb if necessary.

  • Right click the database file and check Properties for an Unblock button (click to unblock if the file gets blocked)
  • Make sure the new user has the appropriate Read, Write, and Modify permissions for the network share containing your Hub database.
  • Add the new user to The Lean Machine from the Employee button on the Main Menu.  Establish their permissions, and enable their license.
  • Be sure to synchronize the new user’s log-in information to get it to the newly installed computer, if needed.

Installing the Hub Database

  1. Download and run the Complete Support File Package on the hub computer (This is needed to support compacting the hub database)
  2. Move LeanMachineDataHub.mdb to the folder you specified to LMBS when you purchased the software.
  3. Right Click the file after you move it, and check Properties to make sure the file is not blocked.
  4. Locate the Compact HUB Database.lnk shortcut on the desktop of the computer hosting the hub.  This will open the hub database so it can be compacted when it closes, which is automatic.

Testing your installation

  1. Open TLM and enter the Internet Unlock licensing code provided by LMBS.  Test synchronization, contact us if you need any help.

Other Tools for download:
Conflict Viewer These files are needed to resolve conflicts and to use the Linked Table feature.  Load them on the computer that needs these features.

TLM Enterprise

End User Installation:  Once TLM Enterprise is set up at your company, follow these instructions if LMBS is managing the TLM Enterprise server.

Server Installation

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