There are two types of client Installations:


1. Local – (See the latest Update page for instructions)

2. RASS/Remote

1. Install RASS Client:

RASS 4  (PC/Windows       MAC OS      LINUX)

2. Log into the Server  using the RASS Client desktop shortcut.  You will need the IP address of your server, and a username / password to access the server.  (Seperate from your username and password for The Lean Machine)


3.  Copy tlmmysql.mde file into the new users AppData/Local folder on the server.

NOTE: This assumes you already have a copy of tlmmysql.mde on the server that has been correctly linked to your company TLM database.

4. Local Help File – You can also install the help files locally so that you can also watch the embedded demos


See Server Installation page

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