QuickBooks Integration

Using the QODBC driver from Flexquarters The Lean Machine can exchange data with QuickBooks Professional to improve the integration between Quality, Material Management, and Accounting.

Below are the tutorials that demonstrate this functionality.

Importing or Exporting Basic Data

  • Control which application has primary data entry responsibility and which employees can use the QuickBooks integration features.   (Watch Tutorial)QuickBooks
  • Import Vendor Data – (Watch Tutorial)
  • Export Vendor Data – (Watch Tutorial)
  • Import Customer Data – (Watch Tutorial)
  • Export Customer Data – (Watch Tutorial)
  • Exporting Part data to QuickBooks from TLM (Watch Tutorial)
  • Importing Part Information from QuickBooks to TLM (Watch Tutorial)
  • Managing Transactions

  • New Purchase Orders in The Lean Machine (Watch Tutorial)
  • Receiving Purchase Orders in The Lean Machine (Watch Tutorial)
  • Receiving/Paying Invoices for Items Received (Watch Tutorial)
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