LMBS offers the following services to customers who purchase The Lean Machine ™ software:

Custom Development

The bottom line is that you want to run your business your way.  While The Lean Machine can cover a lot of those ways, there can be a few areas where it would be really great if your quality, material management, or accounting  software could handle a particular process in a particular way.    It’s very likely that with a modest custom development project we can help you like we did for this medical device company or for these new companies who needed to import data.

Data Integration
Using our Connection Manager software, LMBS will customize the integration between your existing data sources and The Lean Machine. This can allow you to either migrate existing data to The Lean Machine or update the data in The Lean Machine from your existing databases such as accounting, customer relations, or ERP systems for example.

Data Migration
Is your existing quality system plagued by data that is scattered amongst several databases or spreadsheets? LMBS can customize the queries needed to bring that data into The Lean Machine so that it can be integrated with the rest of your quality system.

Source Code Escrow Program
If for some some reason LMBS is unable to support The Lean Machine, membership in this program gives your company the ability to acquire the open source code version. With a little hourly programming support from the many qualified VBA/MS Access programmers in the world, you can make sure the software will continue to meet your needs (of course the risk of you needing this program is extremely low).

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