System Wide Updates of TLM

System Wide Updates of TLM

Since The Lean Machine can support validated installations, it’s important for the management rep to maintain update and revision control so that improvements can be made, but only after a risk assessment and appropriate testing conducted to maintain the integrity of their validation. To accomplish this, The Lean Machine can be updated by the end user once a new version has been linked and located in a shared folder on the local network, and the management rep triggers the update process after all the needed testing has been verified.

The steps required to create the update are as follows:

1. The MySQL database and it’s revision needs to be updated by LMBS.
2. A matching revision of TLM needs to be linked to the MySQL database.
3. A copy of the linked TLM file is sent to LMBS from the File Transfer page.
4. LMBS returns an executable zip file that located in the shared update folder on the LAN.
5. The Management Rep indicate which users will be forced to update if their current revision is lower than the MySQL database revision.

The tutorial below will walk you through this process.


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