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There are a multitude of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) modules available to business owners today, and most are little more than glorified email inboxes. A good CRM module needs to be versatile, and allow for easy communication between customers, vendors, and partners of the company it’s working for. Poor customer relationship management can lead to erroneous records, duplicate information, and missing documents that can damage the mutually beneficial nature of a business transaction for all parties.

The CRM module is central to The Lean Machine’s potential to greatly optimize your business relationships; it allows you to easily link customers and vendors to important audits and reports pertaining to their product or service, and provides you with the tools to build an Action Plan specific to any company you conduct business with. You can also merge records without having to waste man hours entering information line by line, and find company contacts by first name, last name, or any other information pertaining to the business relationship.


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