Change Log

Document Training Reports: A new report was added to display training records by job description core training lists.


Update Notes / Bug Fix Log

505000-60 505040 – The Inventory search screen was not being shown on the module drop down list505041 – The Team viewer screen was set to expand to show more users when more were logged into TLM505042 – Linked documents were not being displayed correctly on the Document search screens505043 – Added Training Difficulty to Document information505044- Added controls on the CAPA screen to lock root cause after all investigators have signed off on the root cause505045 – The related Document screen from Document Management has two modes, one for job descriptions, and one for non-job description documents505046 – The Assigned to Edit filed on the Document Management screen will now act as the default author before the first revision is initiated.505047 – The Contact manager screen was improved by using a temporary/local table to display and post data changes.505048 – The Find button on the Document Release search screen for a number search was not changing to “All” in order to clear the filter505049 – Training: The query that added all employees to the Training Rooster (non document training) was fixed505050 – A new management report for user login history was added505051 – User Access History reports were consolidated into a drop down list505052 – Inspection Reports: Vendor Performance Reports were consolidated into a drop down list505053 – Part number, name, and revision conventions were added to the Customer Feedback module so that the green font color would tell the user the part has a corresponding record in the inventory module.505054 – The query for the inventory search screen was changed to a pass-through query to improve performance.505055 – iif(Isnull([Fieldname]),0,[Fieldname]) had to be added to the dashboard query for Assigned Audit Questions, as null values were causing the query to loose the ODBC link.505056 – iif(Isnull([Fieldname]),0,[Fieldname]) had to be added to the dashboard query for CAPAs Follow Ups Overdue, as null values were causing the query to loose the ODBC link.505057 – iif(Isnull([Fieldname]),0,[Fieldname]) had to be added to the dashboard query for Employee Checklist Tasks, as null values were causing the query to loose the ODBC link.505058 – A new option was added to the Rejected Material search screen that can restore a deleted NCR/RMA by NCR/RMA number505059 – A signed MRB review will now lock the record for the data reviewed505060 – Meetings and Reviews now have the same template feature as the Root Cause investigation, so it can be used for standard meeting minute templates.
  • Added a new report for document module to show documents by linked department
  • Consolidated some reports into a drop down list
  • Added a new report in the Inspection module for vendor inspection performance
  • Added the ability to Add a department to all employees
  • Both the Inspection and Rejected Material modules can now add parts to the Inventory module.  Part info in displayed in green when there is a matching part name, number, and revision in the Inventory module.
  • Added Document Training Reports off of the Document Management Screen
  • Added Document Training management features on the Training / Disposition screen of the Document Management Screen
  • Documents: Added new reports that looked at system wide document training gaps.

(Validation Tutorial)

  • Rejected code screen in Rejected Material module had an issue with the query used to added a new reject code line
  • Reject Code screen: Adding a new line, then deleting it would also delete the first existing line – fixed
  • Training: Reorganized the Training module screen into category drop down lists.
  • Documents: The order of the printed revision history on the back page of a document printout was fixed to be in descending chronological order
  • Training: Added the ability to import quiz questions from previous quizzes in the Training module
  • Documents: Fixed signature meaning on the existing DCO form to open #5 instead of 56
  • Rejected Materials: Link on signature meaning for the final MRB approval in the Rejected Materials module was not opening the signature meaning.
  • Documents: Added a query to automatically delete extra document training records for document where the employee has already signed off on that document / revision.
  • Audits: Added import tools to the Audit Template screens to make it easier to manage Audit Template Questions and Sections.


  • Inspection Module: A constant was being defined as an Integer instead of a string and was causing a stackoverflow error for customers with large amounts of inspection data.
  • Dashboard: Overdue for Review totals on the dashboard were not matching results due to inconsistent methods of calculating dates.
    • 505066 introduced a problem with one of the “Fix Document Status” queries the management rep can run from the tools screen, this caused released revisions to update to current draft revisions.  This was fixed in 505071, which will also validate released revisions against the last released revision on the DCO form.
  • Added parent document link to multiple document DCO screen to visually verify all child documents were assigned to correct parent document.
  • CAPA: Changed the default value for the investigation due date subject to “Investigation for ” [CAPA Number] ” is due today”
  • CAPA: The combo box to load the selected root cause analysis strategy will now automatically refresh if changes are made to the root cause strategy template.
  • Fixed the links/buttons that opened the NCR screen from various other modules
  • Blank revision in the inventory module was causing an error when opening the Inspection Data entry screen as the Inspection record tried to compare part information against the Inventory Module data.
  • Custom field 1 was not refreshing on the Inspection Data Entry screen.
  • Added the ability to add the licensing code via TLM, as apposed to directly in the MySQL tables.
  • System Setting 120 was added to turn off the ISO Clause Overdue notices on the main Audit screen
  • Inspections: New fields were added to the Inspection Checklist screen to capture part number and serial number
  • Inspection search: added the ability to find serial numbers in all three locations, Inspection screen, Qty/Location screen, and Inspection Checklist screen.
  • Inspection Checklist: Summary screen was not decreasing the indication of attachments if the attachment was deleted.
  • Document: The No Change Review screen was not changing the focus to the selected document, and re-releasing the document on the top of the list as a result.
  • The field size of the Department fields were changed from 50 characters to 200 characters to facilitate creating Department layers for more refined search screen filtering.
  • Attachments were added to outgoing SMTP e-mail
  • Document Owner filter on the Released Document screen was not filtering the correct field in the underlying query
  • Inventory Search: The Engineer field was added to the search screen filters and a 5 second delay message will instruct the user to select filters and click search.
  • Purchase Orders: PO Items list needed a new MySQL view for viewing historical PO revisions
  • Purchase Orders: Our Units and Vendor units were reversed on the PO Item List screen.
  • Deviations: Created back links from each module capable of linking to a deviation. (Audit, Metrics, Meeting, FMEA, Equipment, Document, and Rej Material)
  • Document Management: Fixed latest DCO calculation to account for both open, closed, and No Change DCOs.
  • Document Management: Made the training totals on the 3rd tab manual so that TLM wasn’t delayed opening this screen if the user didn’t want to know those totals.
  • Document Management: Change to training list query to run off of a pass through query instead of a view – much faster
  • Document Dashboard: Documents to read screen was changed to a pass-through query instead of a view – much faster
  • Document Management: Adding a single user to training list was adding the user twice.
  • Document Management: Added a Linked Parts (0) button to show the reverse view of parts linked to documents that can be made from the inventory module.
  • Audits: The Management Rep was added to the permissions to close out an Audit.  This was needed to record external audits where the lead auditor does not have TLM access.
  • Training Documents Screen: The report for the linked documents to training event was not printing.  Just needed the same query as the screen.
  • Released Document Search: Added Work Centers to the available filters
  • Document Control: Accessing Document Control information was made consistent with all links opening the screen that allows management rep reassignments.
  • Audit Templates / Clauses: The standard was automatically being added each time a clause was selected when setting up the checklist questions for a given audit.
  • Audit Schedule Screen: Some bugs were fixed in how the audit schedule reports were being created.
  • The delete button on the Document / Part Linking screen had an error on the permission check and wasn’t deleting a link
  • Activity tracking added to the delete button for PART/DOC links
  • Record history was added to the Document / Part linking screen
  • Dashboard Order was changed so that Documents to Read was always on top of the list
  • Document Distribution list converted to Pass Through Query to improve performance
  • Document Management screen was triggering a query related to the Training List membership that was slowing down the initial opening of the screen
  • The training list total on the Document Management screen was showing a different total than the Training Record screen, which had the correct total.
  • Fixed how TLM was appending the BOMID number to inspection records after matching part number and revision info to the Inventory module.
  • Audits: Added a 11×17 audit schedule report organized by department
  • Audit Schedules: Added attachments to save printed(.pdf) schedules that were signed
  • Document Release: Added a check before opening the Document Release screen in case the status of the document changed, as TLM won’t be able to display it on that screen if it has.
  • Added new table and management form for Project Types. Linked that table to the Type drop down list in the Project managenet module
  • Released Document Training:  Fixed the training list screen filters for Completed and Active
  • Dashboard was not automatically refreshing when a user switch was performed.
505088 Several improvements to the Project Management screen:

      1. Added Project Coordinator field
      1. Added the ability to link multiple companies
      1. Added a reviewer list with dashboard notification
    1. added three custom fields for the main company link, the Project Manager
505089 Inspection Checklist: The Rejected Material link combo box was not unlocking correctly
  • Custom field 71 was removed from the DCO, as the default value of “Section” was confusing, and this field was originally intended to support the design levels
  • Sign all capability was added to the Document Dashboard for document approvals, and Document Release by the document administrator.  Sign all button was also added for document training records.  All three are controlled by system setting 50.
  • A control point was added for the training needed screen so that users can’t sign off on other people’s training records
  • Activity tracking was added for Inspection deletes
  • Drop down link on Inspection Checklist to link to the NRC was not allowing edits when it should have been.
  • Spell check functionality was restored after being disabled somehow from language packs being installed during testing.
  • Document Management screen: “None Assigned” will display when no departments are linked to the document
  • Document Search: “None Assigned” can now be searched with the department filter to find documents with no department assignments
  • Audit Areas/Categories:  These screens were causing value prompts when opened from the Module Settings screen.
  • Several document control screens where changed to use a pass-through query to improve performance.  These included:

– Document Management, Checklist, Document Release, DCO (after submittal) Released Document, Historical Revision.

  • The management rep can now sign off on any audit result to close audits where an external auditor is listed as the lead auditor.
  • When signing the approval of a multiple DCO release, signatures where not being applied to the child documents correctly.
  • The Released Document Search screen can be opened directly from the login screen to speed up released document access
  • The Released Document Search screen query was redesigned for better performance when the search included either of the following filters: Department, Project, Work Center, Training List, Linked, or Needs Link
  • Non Document Training: The list of trainees was not being displayed when those trainees did not also have individual training records on the training roster sub form.
  • The queries where fixed that add reviewers to the management and review record
  • Job Duties is now searchable on the Employee Information screen
  • if the system setting is not set to automatically open, and keep the dashboard open, users can close the dashboard now
  • Meeting reviewers were also displaying the new project reviewers.
  • A the DCOID Field was added to the indexed fields in Tbl_RelDocs, which holds the released documents. This has a significant impact on performance.
  • Part Cost was missing from one of the new queries for the Bill of Materials display.
  • The dashboard will automatically close if there no items on that users dashboard.
  • Document Control: The screen used to make batch reassignments was not filtering for the current user when displaying the documents to be reassigned.
  • Custom field settings for the Rejected Materials screen was hiding the comments field if a change was made, however the field was displayed again when the screen reopened.
  • Fixed the permission controls for the Assign Process Owners screen
  • Added the ability for the management rep to clear the temp table used for process owner reassignments – improves performance
  • Assign Process Owner screen will also clear the temp table records created for the current user when closing
  • Direct access to released documents from the login screen now includes a check for Documents to Read, and notifies the user they have documents to sign off on.  Clicking Yes will take the user directly to the Document to Read screen.  Direct access to this screen was also added to the Options list on the Released Document search screen.
  • The inspection module was beginning the automatic numbering at 002 instead of 001
  • The selection of a part number or part name on the inspection form was not automatically populating the other field.
  • A report was added to print the search screen on the Quality Records Management screen.
  • Rejected DCOs were not being displayed on the Document Dashboard
  • An option to view a non submitted DCO was added to the Attachment – DCO navigation option on the Document Management screen
  • New user messages were added when viewing a non-submitted, or rejected DCO.
  • The Edit button on the Multiple DCO screen will now requery the DCO form so that it doesn’t have to be closed and reopened if it was just re-signed.
  • TLM was not updating the reviewer list for the other multiple-DCO drafts when the user selected “Yes” after closing the reviewer list.
  • New user messages where added to the first document viewer screen to explain how to edit an embedded document
  • Allowing deletions was removed from the Initial set up screen so a user can not right click and have the Delete Record option. Deleting this record will prevent users from being able to log in.
  • The Owner’s title for the Strategic Plan was not being unlocked when creating a new planning year.
  • During a password reset, TLM was displaying a “incorrect password” message unnecessarily.
  • A new permission was added to control access to the CAPA module.
  • The Action Plan due date was added to the Dashboard category of CAPAs – Plans Needed
  • The Show All option on the CAPA Search screen will reset the form’s query so that all records are displayed if the current query has been reset to a dashboard query.
  • The Permission screen was displaying an error msg after clicking the search button.
  • The dashboard query to display CAPAs to Close was displaying duplicates on the CAPA Search screen.
  • A new query was added to fix a missing draft document record when an orphaned record in the same table is creating a conflict.
  • A new dashboard category was added for the CAPA module: 95 – CAPA Follow Ups Overdue
  • Signing off on a CAPA investigation was not removing the CAPA from the Investigators dashboard until all other investigators had signed off
  • The mechanism to e-mail the management rep after x number of failed login attempts was fixed as it had outdated SMTP e-mail information. This feature will only work if the company’s IP address is added to the LMBS SMTP server.
  • Automatic login with Active Directory credentials was fixed to include password expiration requirements
  • The query for some of the Inspection reports was not connecting to the required data and the reports were coming up empty.
  • A forced cursor wheel (hour glass) display was added to the Released Documents button on the log in screen so users would know TLM was processing their requested action
  • TLM will now unlicense a user and quit TLM even if there is a SMTP mail error that doesn’t send a notice to the Management rep after the allowed number of login attempts has been exceeded.
  • A pop up message was missing when changing a users job title that asks if you wanted to also make that change to other records.
  • A canceled login attempt from the main menu to switch users was changing the values of some constants anyway.
  • The screen opened after clicking the Current user link was resetting the constant for the current user with the Active Directory name, which was forcing the user to log off, or sign in every 60 seconds if trying to log in as a different user.
  • When an employee had an invalid default folder path, TLM was skipping some of the configuration steps during login.
  • Opening the Document Management screen of an obsolete document was changing the status to No Draft in Progress
  • Rejected DCO’s were not being opened from the Document Dashboard so the person who requested the DCO could find out why it was rejected
  • Inactive employees were being displayed on the drop down lists for adding employees to the Distribution List from the Manage Document screen.
  • The mechanism to copy Training Record list to other documents was changed from using the Document Search screen to using a drop down list on the Training Record screen.
  • The Employee Checklist screens were improved to make data entry easier. The View button on the Employee Information screen was also fixed, as it was not opening the checklist selected after a new checklist was created.
  • One of the queries used for log in parameters was not handling null values correctly, causing a login failure on some older databases
  • Access controls were missing from the due date button on the CAPA Investigators screen.
  • The first Document Training Reports on the Document Training Reporting screen was set to group on the wrong name field and was combining documents for users with the same first name.
  • The Documents to Read dashboard query was improved to only show incomplete, and complete within the last 30 days to improve performance on hosted systems.
  • Custom field 103 was not being properly configured on the first NCR/RMA report causing the visibility feature to hide that field on the report.
  • The Find Revision drop down was removed from the DCO form, as all DCO’s are now automatically accessible with the latest one being displayed first. This drop down option was no longer needed.
  • The user setting on the Tools screen for Turning Off Automatic E-mails did not have a data field linked to the setting, and was defaulting to no after TLM was updated.
  • The system setting for decimal place display of inventory data was changed to a mechanism that resets the value on everyone’s Tools screen where the value is now controlled for each user individually.
  • The PurchaseID was missing from the query that counted the number of approved suppliers for the current Purchase Order.
  • The Copy Template feature on the Document viewers screens was skipping the process if the Document Management screen wasn’t open for the current document.
  • The list of Trainees on the Scheduled Training (Records)  screen / Class Roster tab was not being refreshed after the Add All Employees option was selected.
  • Custom Field 24 was not setting properly in the Customer Feedback module.
  • The automatic update process was fixed so that the management rep can check a user(s) and together with a back end revision change, automatically force a user to execute a file extraction of a prelinked TLM file that updates them with a single click.
  • The username for the Electronic Signature will now apply the Legal name for the training record when using the Sign All button on the Document Dashboard screen.
  • The initial development of the Group/Team Calendar allows the following TLM records to be added to the Group Calendar available on the Main Menu:
    • Equipment Log Events – Prevents a new log/Event from being created within the date range of an event for this equipment on the Group Calendar, thus providing an advanced scheduling/reservation capability in addition to the existing Check-in/Check-out controls.
  • The Purchase Order module had an error in one of the queries that counted the number of approved vendors, This was causing an error message for the current record
  • The full audit report was displaying multiple lines of the finding signature
  • Document Checklist was expanded to 10 questions, and fields added to record the checklist questions/answers at the time of completion.
  • When there are no drafts in progress the Word Icon button on the Document Management screen will give the option to open the currently released revision if there is one.
  • The NCR/RMA screen was not displaying all records when the Find a Record option was selected.
  • The External Document checkbox is now available independent of system settings.
  • The Serial Number generator was fixed for Work Order serial numbers
  • The Purpose and Scope field was added to the two document search screen (Draft and Released)
  • The Purpose and Scope field was made a custom field (14) to be used for Required Inputs and Expected Outputs (ISO 9001:2015)
  • Custom Field 294 was added for the field title on the Document Control information
  • The Time tab on the Contact Manager screen was changed to a pop up screen instead of a tab, as this screen is also used by the Sales Order module.
  • A new document relationship was established for Risk and Opportunities to help comply with ISO 9001:2015
  • Risk and Opportunity Trend reports were added to the Management Reporting screen.
  • Canceling the TLM logon screen when switching users was not working after adding code to ensure the original login settings where unchanged if the logon attempt was aborted after entering information for a new user.
  • The Template Documents screen was not opening with the focus, but behind the Document Management screen
  • The new Document Difficulty field was not being created for a new document record and data entry was not being allowed on the new document screen.
  • The dashboard and main menu navigation controls were slightly resized to conserve display area.
  • Canceling a login when TLM was open already (switching users) was resetting a variable used for electronic signatures and the internal e-mail system.
  • A new TLM revision report was added to the Employee Tools reporting page that did not sort by department.
  • The “Days to Close” column on the CAPA search screen was showing to total days since the capa was opened for both open and closed CAPAs
  • A new reassignment tool was added to the Reviewer Groups screen to reassign the document review frequency by assigned department.
  • Creating a new CAPA from a customer feedback record was throwing a write conflict error as the same information was being posted twice.
  • Creating a new NCR/RMA record from customer feedback was not refreshing the drop down list of NCRs on the customer feedback screen.
  • The Retention Period Screen needed a new query that displayed deleted records and compensated for null values, as some historical records were not being displayed.
  • Frm_FMEA was being referenced when creating a new FMEA record from Customer Feedback before that form was opened, causing an error message
  • The Dashboard link for Customer Feedback to Review was not displaying results for users other than the current user.
  • Custom Field 46 was not being applied to the search filter field on the Customer Feedback search screen.
  • Deleted Customer Feedback Reviewers where being displayed on the Individual feedback report.
  • Custom fields were not being configured on the Individual Customer Feedback Report
  • The new search filter for the Purpose and Scope field added in 505112 was not accounting for blank fields, which omitted those records from the search screen.
  • The Audit Scheduling screen was reporting based on Department assignments on the checklist.  This was changed to the department assignment on the main Audit Information screen.
  • The numerical check for the revision field on the DCO form when TLM was set to automatically increment revisions was not allowing a prefix letter in the revision.
  • The sign all feature on the Document Dashboard for “Documents to Read,” has a new Department (Custom Field 90) filter. This filter applies to both the list of documents displayed, as well as the list of documents being signed off.
  • Document training records can now be managed automatically based on Department Association, or CORE / Job Description lists separately.  A new system setting allows the configuration to either Department, CORE list, Both or Neither.
  • Exporting documents now has support for Excel files.
  • A new Risk and Opportunities feature was added to the possible document links off of the Document Management screen.
  • A new DCO report was added to the Date Range Report Tab of the Print Master Document Lists screen.
  • A new filter, Document Type, was also added to the Date Range Report Tab of the Print Master Document Lists screen.
  • Two new reports were added to the Document Training Reports screen under the Status Reports drop down list:
    • Late Training Count – Chart
    • Late Training – Report
  • In preparation for our first mobile app, the TLM Dashboard totals are now being calculated on the server. This is also the default display when TLM opens which speeds up displaying the dashboard.
  • The second tab on the Rejected Materials screen was renamed to “Description / Comments” to better reflect the fields on that tab.
  • The Show Me button on the Employee Search screen was fixed
  • The Add button on the rejected material was fixed so that part data can be entered on the rejected material screen and the Add button would create a corresponding record in the inventory module as reject code tracking is based on having the part number/name in the inventory module.
  • The message when the “Task” field received the focus in the Event module was removed.
  • Manage employee permission was not controlling the employee picture field.
  • NCR permission was not controlling access to the rejected materials module
  • The count of reviewers who still need to sign the Disposition of a Rejected Material record was not being displayed correctly.
  • Closing the Inventory details screen will now refresh the two Item drop down lists on the Rejected Material screen.
  • Both the released and draft document search screen have new queries for when the screen first opens to improve performance.  Both queries can filter for just document number and document title.  Selecting other filters will engage the existing queries designed for the filters being used.
  • The sort toggle switch on the Rejected Materials Reject Code screen was not switching between sort orders of the Ref Des field between ascending order based on alpha or numeric  sort orders.
  • Custom Field 8 has been coded to change the dashboard category for the Rejected Material module based on custom field 8 setting.
  • The dashboard summary e-mail system was improved to calculate dashboard day totals on the server to improve performance.
  • Some of the queries to Submitting a DCO have been moved to the database side to improve performance
  • Some of the queries to release a document have been moved to the database side to improve performance
  • The system setting to always keep a historical copy of released documents has been removed. Historical copies are now always maintained.
  • The Next button at the bottom of the New Document screen was requiring two clicks to move to the next tab.
  • The Document Management screen and Document Release screen now have buttons for the primary activities on those screens instead of using a drop down list.  This simplifies the understanding of those primary activities and make navigation easier.
  • A new system setting was added to allow the use of the two following features:
    • A new document review feature was added that allows a reviewer to be checked, which enforces the policy that this review must release the document after all signatures are obtained.
    • The feature above is also integrated with a pre-release training dashboard category, so that employees can sign off on a training record prior to the document being released, as long as all review signatures have been obtained, and one of those reviewers is check as the release authority.
  • The management rep now has access to edit the trending analysis fields of closed CAPAs in order to improve the analysis of corrective actions, or to ensure they conform to measurement and analysis procedures.
  • A new system setting will lock the dashboard selection drop down lists so that users can only view their own dashboard.
  • If users can view all dashboards, access is now subjected to that users module permissions.
  • There is a new checkbox on the job description screen for each employee to indicate which job description is their primary job title.  This title will show up as the title for most employee selection drop down lists, with the exception of document training assignments, which can still be made for a specific job title.
  • There is a new option on the Other drop down list on the Document Management screen to reset the “Returned” status of a draft document that was submitted for approval, and then returned for changes.  This will allow document authors to remove the draft from that category if that is useful for organizing or prioritizing which drafts to work on.
  • The internal “You have mail” message was added to the new user message system so that it can be disabled.  There  was also a redundant “you have mail” message being displayed after log in.
  • The DCO screen after the DCO is submitted was not refreshing the notices line on the Document Management screen with the changes to DCO attachment count.
  • Users will now get at “This is not your training list” if they attempt to open documents on another users Documents to Read list.
  • The mechanism to print the document DCO, Cover Sheet, and Training Records reports was not always displaying all three reports.
  • The new Document Checklist Question / Action fields needed to be added to the DCO report.
  • The user setting on the Tools screen to Turn off automatic e-mails will now prevent all automatic e-mails if set to yes.
  • The status filter on the Document Reporting screen was changed to distinguish between Drafts – Submitted for Review, and Drafts – Submitted for Approval.
  • The mechanism for Obsoleting a document is now simply the completion of the DCO form, with the action of Obsolete, and the revision change to “OBS.”
  • The system setting to add training based on BOTH Department associations and the CORE training list was not adding the CORE training list.
  • The employee status filter on the Document Training record list was not displaying the search options correctly.
  • The DCO/ECR form now has an option to edit the DCO number.
505120 Build 8

    • The print search screen function on the Draft Document search screen will now prompt for a report title
    • The Document Training Record screen is now available from the Document Release screen with the ability to make changes.
    • The dashboard will now filter equipment events based on the event due date and the “days” setting on the dashboard.
    • The dashboard “days” value was not being transferred to the Equipment Search screen when displaying Equipment Event dashboard results.
    • The draft document viewers will now save the last draft until a confirmed update to the server is made.  If there is a connection problem, the last draft the user worked on will still be available when the user goes to open that document again.
    • TLM will now alert reviewers if another reviewer has a document open.  TLM will also ensure the document viewer screen opens in read only mode until the document is available for edits.
    • The permission settings for the Employee Information screen will now lock the employee picture field.
  • Custom field 65 was not being applied to the Equipment Search screen filter.

Build 9

  • New reports were added to print out individual equipment records, as well as the main equipment event data.

Build 10

  • A pass through query related to the new check in / check out feature for draft documents was not being configured when the document was in view only mode causing an ODBC error message when closing the document viewer.

Build 11

  • There was an error when opening  the document checklist that was causing the temporary checklist record from being created that was needed for editing.  When closing the user got the message “invalid use of null” as a result.

Build 12

  • The DocNumberID value was not being set after clicking the E-mail Reviewers button on the Reviewer List screen when approving documents.  The e-mail screen was not opening correctly as a result.

Build 13

  • The same issue as above, but for the E-mail reviewers list option from the Reviewer list screen off of Document Management screen.

Build 14

  • The permission setting was reversed for accessing the CAPA module from the dashboard so the user was denied access when they in fact had permission.
  • Closed CAPAs where showing up on the search screen for the dashboard category of “CAPAs to Follow Up.”
  • The Audit checklist was not using the correct variable to count the number of documents related to the ISO section being audited.

Build 15

  • Error trapping was added to the DCO process that will clear any obsolete records in the DCO Trigger table if they didn’t get cleared after the last DCO. Orphaned records were causing an ODBC Error.

Build 16

  • TLM will not ask the user if they want to work on the new draft if they are not assigned to edit the draft.
  • The automated reviewer list features will now only create the initial reviewer list when the document goes from “NR” to the first revision. Subsequent reviewer lists will utilize whatever manual changes are made to the list between revisions.
  • Both the project owner and assigned coordinator now have their own dashboard categories
  • The Activate link was removed from the relinking screen as it was obsolete.
  • The project start date and due date can both be set with the same date selection tool screen.
  • The assigned Follow Up Plans from the Contact Manager module will now display on the dashboard.

Build 17

  • Release build, no feature changes were made

Build 18

  • Message to reviewer list was changed to say REVIEW instead of approval when changing a document to be ready for review.
  • When system settings requires the document to be opened before an approval signature can be applied, the sequence of events and messages were improved when the approver has 0 training minutes.
  • The two Edit buttons on the DCO screen were fixed and will now post comments under a time/date stamp indicating who added the comments.

Build 19

  • Improvements to the Qty/Location screen query in the Inventory module

Build 20

  • Document Owner was added to the Documents Overdue for Review Report
  • When closing the released document viewer screen, the training time on the dashboard list of documents to read is now refreshed.
  • When closing the draft document viewer screen, the time the document is open is refreshed on the Approver List screen
505121 Build 1

  • There is a new Document Category field with search screen options.
  • A new Supplier CAPA workflow is available that feeds the normal CAPA process, but allows a quicker customer response.
  • The automatic login feature was fixed for when the users Active Directory name is entered on their employee information screen.
505122 Build 1Build 2Build 3

  • Checklist Tab added to inspection screen

Build 4

  • Inspection List link from Inventory screen was searching on the name instead of the number
  • Inventory search screen query was not compensating for null values in the Catalog field
  • CAPAs to Follow up and Follow Up Overdue results on the CAPA search screen was showing all CAPA owners
  • CAPAs to follow up overdue has been linked to the days drop down list.
  • Manual mechanism for adding inventory was fixed, and an option to AddButton on Inspection screen changed to “Sample Plan”
  • Document drop down list on Inspection screen linked to documents related to part on Inventory screen
  • Inspection templates will automatically load when system setting 29 is ON
  • E-mail option added to Inspection screen with Inspection summary details
  • Document Review Groups was added as an option for adding NCR Reviewers

Build 5

  • The management rep, or meeting chairperson can now sign off for non-employees who are listed in meeting minutes
  • The CORE Training list for job descriptions can now be added to the list of documents for non-document training.
  • There is a new customer feedback summary report option on the Customer Feedback Reporting screen.
  • Training records created for non-document training will now automatically create the corresponding document training record for employees on the roster based on the linked documents to that training event.
  • The date selection for CAPA Action plan due dates was changed to not include the entire action plan as it was often too much text for the calendar field when putting that due date on the MS Outlook calendar.

Build 6 (requires database update)

  • The query on the database side that added document training records based on CORE job description document lists was adding duplicate documents.  This requires a synchronization with the LMBS master database to fix.

Build 7 (requires database update)

  • The evaluation search screen received some improvements to include moving the query to the database side, and adding titles for the evaluator and evaluatee.
  • Added a field for the location of the training on the non-document training record screen.
  • The CAPA Reporting on individual CAPA records wasn’t opening due to a custom field setting bug.
  • The mechanism the checked for duplicate document titles will now work when double quotes are part of the document title.

Build 8 (requires database update)

  • The list of trainees assigned to a master non-document training record will now only display the employee name once when that employee has multiple job descriptions assigned.
  • Debugging pop up windows displaying the numbers 1-6 were left in the DCO Submit code, these have been commented out.
  • Releasing documents with double quotes in the title was not working, this was fixed.
  • A second training record can now be created for document training along with a grade to support the verification of training to a specific procedure and revision.
  • The inspection task details screen now has a results value field that is computationally compared to the new value specification field and the +/- tolerances to determine the color coded pass/fail status.
  • The linked procedure on the Inspection screen now has a selection switch to change the drop down list between all documents, and just the documents linked to the item being inspected.

Build 9 (requires database update – Posted on 8/3/2015  3:00pm PST)

  • The customer feedback reporting performance was improved and the status filter was fixed as open and closed records were not being filtered correctly.
  • SCAR number added to the new Supplier Report off of the Supplier CAPA link.  The “To be completed by” label will now display the company name.
  • The PO Item Details screen will now add items to the Inventory module automatically.
  • There is a new PO button on the list of Vendors/Partners from the Project Management screen that will open a new PO for the vendor selected.
  • When entering PO line items that are not in the inventory module, the Add button on the PO Items details screen will now add them seamlessly.
  • The list of operations types can now be both marked as an inspection type, and now also marked as the type of inspection for receiving inspections. This will automatically assign the inspection type when inspections are created from the purchase order module when receiving items.
  • The inspection checklist tab now has options for clearing the checklist, and loading all the inventory items associated with the PO Number listed on the inspection.
  • Attachments to Purchase Orders can now be added regardless of PO Status.
  • Fields for serial number required, Lot number required, and the receiving inspection type can now be accessed from the PO Item Details screen.
  • The mechanism that checked for missing PO Item due dates, and forced their completion based on system settings was fixed.

Build 10 Posted on 8/4/2015  11:30pm PST

  • An addition table was added to improve the performance of the lot and serial number tracking system.  Linking to this new table had bug from build 9 that is now fixed.
  • The drop down list of inspection results is now a self generating drop down list.

Build 11 (requires database update – Posted on 8/20/2015  5:00am PST)

  • The Disposition Worksheet print out from the main Rejected Material screen was not filtering for the current record and showing all reject codes instead of just the reject codes for the current record.
  • The Details screen for the master inspection template off of the main Inventory screen wasn’t opening, this has been fixed.
  • The Qty location screen was not showing records when there were null values for Serial or Lot number.
  • The counts for inventory totals on the Inventory Search screen and Inventory screen were using variables not defined as Double, so large values were not being displayed.
  • The Customer Feedback reporting screen was not properly filtering the Open/Closed status and some records that did not have current category assignments were being excluded.

Build 12 (requires database update – Posted on 8/25/2015  2:00 pm PST)

  • One of the CAPA reports on the CAPA Module reporting screen wasn’t opening.
  • Total inventory amount was added to the inventory search screen
  • A new system setting will turn on features to create a PO number that is a combination of the project number, assigned department number.  This is also tied to a second internal serial number for items that pass inspection what uses this PO numbering format plus a part type designation.
  • The TLMMySQL.accde file was not set to relink at login, the installation files were uploaded again on 8/25/2015

Build 13 (requires database update – Posted on 9/8/2015  10:00 am PST)

  • After clicking on the document type link on the draft document search screen, changing the document title wasn’t working if the Document Management screen wasn’t also open.
  • The Management Rep tools to move a group of imported documents through the document release process were improved by moving the processing to the server side.
  • The Customer Feedback report by Department was improved with dates for the comments as well as a separation line between records to make the report a little easier to read.
  • There is a new audit display and reporting mechanism to support ISO 9001:2015 from the Reports tab on the Audit Compliance Monitor screen. (Reports, Audit Compliance Monitor, Reports tab, Findings Totals by: drop down list, select By Standard Section. Then click the Details button to print any one Section, or click Show All above the print button to print all of them)

Build 14 ( requires database update – Posted on 9/10/2015  8:30 am PST)

  • Build 12 introduced a bug with creating a new purchase order – this has been fixed.
  • The two drop down lists for employees on the PO screen will now only offer active employees for selection, although past values will display properly regardless if the employee is currently active or not.
  • A new reassignment feature on the Equipment search screen lets you reassign equipment events from one employee to another.

Build 15 ( requires database update – Posted on 9/17/2015  2:40 pm PST)

  • The initialization process for document management modules was running twice and taking twice as long as needed as a result.
  • There was an obsolete pass through query trying to initialize in document management which was throwing an error message.
  • The document search screen now has a drop down list of saved searches.
  • The quick vendor data entry screen was redesigned as it was causing crashes on some systems.
  • The quick vendor data entry screen will post the new vendor directly to the open PO.
  • The event summary report screen has a new filter for Complete, and the summary report now includes sub tasks.

Build 16 ( requires database update – Posted on 9/29/2015  8:40 pm PST)

  • The customer feedback search screen was not opening properly for the dashboard category “Ready to Submit.
  • The customer feedback search screen now displays the person assigned to manage the feedback.
  • Customer feedback records now have a due date for the investigation.
  • The Notices line on the PO screen was not working properly to count the various linked records.
  • The message that explains the current user does not have permission to release a document was not being displayed for system setting 4-Owner, Author, or Reviewer List
  • The Corrective Action module will now open the Short Supplier CAPA form automatically after this option is selected when creating a new CAPA.
  • The Rejected Material module has two new fields, a check box for whether an investigation is needed, and a text field to explain the reason it’s not, or the results if it was.

Build 17 ( Posted on 10/5/2015  10:00 am PST)

  • The document type filter on the document search screen was not configured to handle null values in the type field.

Build 18 ( Posted on 10/18/2015  3:00 pm PST )

  • New filters on the Management Review search screen allow searches on the meeting minutes and agenda item fields to support auditing of meeting minutes.
  • Audit Findings can now be linked to Event Tasks
  • Creating new vendors or customers from the Rejected Material screen will auto fill those fields with the new customer or vendor
  • Creating new vendors or customers from the Audit Information screen will auto fill those fields with the new customer or vendor
  • New Rejected Material records were occasionally failing to initiate.
  • The Report for Calibration tasks was displaying deleted records.
  • Training Requirements are now automatically applied to individual employees when their job description has been added to a training requirement.

Build 19 ( Not posted – updates rolled into build 20)

  • There is a new report for equipment calibration records
  • The Equipment Reporting screen can now be opened from the Equipment Event screen and the main Equipment screen for the current equipment record.
  • The related documents screen will now open the released document viewer when the document number is clicked
  • There is a new dashboard category for incomplete DCOs that will show up for the person who created the DCO.

Build 20 ( Requires database update – Posted on 11/09/2015  8:00 pm PST )

  • The inspection search screen will now order by Inspection Number when the format includes the auto numbering format
  • The Related Departments screen in document control now has an Add All button
  • There is a new system setting to force attachments to DCOs.  This is meant to support the requirement of attaching the Track Changes version of the final draft before submitting for approval.

Build 21 ( Requires database update – Posted on 11/19/2015  10:00 am PST )

  • There is a new inspection checklist sample data entry screen that will allow a sample data line item to be added for each line on the checklist.  This is better aligned with how samples are actually inspected.
  • The Training signature for a non-document training event will now post signatures to linked documents for everyone on the training roster.

Build 22 ( Requires database update – Posted on 11/21/2015  10:00 am PST )

  • There are a few new queries to display the CFR 820 standard as those sections were not compatible with some code written to create an ascending order for the sections of other standards.

Build 24 ( Requires database update – Posted on 12/14/2015  11:00 am PST )

  • The Add button was not allowing a single department to be added for a document
  • The System Setting to use Both the core list and department associates was not adding users to the document training list based on departments associations.
  • Leaving the default directory blank on the User Settings tab of the Tools screen will be populated with the Working Draft Folder setting on the system settings screen after the user logs in.
  •   If a user has Admin permission, they will see log in messages for the following overdue items:
    • Documents overdue for review
    • Equipment Calibration due
    • Data Entry for the Metrics module measurements.
505123 Build 1 ( Requires database update – Posted on 12/30/2015  7:00 am PST)

  • There is a new reporting option on the Print Master Document List screen for Released documents that will print the DCO for all documents that meet the filter conditions above.
  • When the document viewer screen opens for a document being approved, the  submit button is now disabled since it has already been submitted for approval.
  • When printing the DCO, TLM will ask if you want to print the attachment and open the attachment if you do.
  • A report for document training by Employee have been added to the Employee Information screen.
  • When making the first attachment to a DCO, TLM will ask if you want to copy the document title and number which supports attaching a red line final draft to the DCO.
  • For documents that need training, the user has the option of opening the redlined DCO attachment to view the changes between the current revision and the last.
  • There is a new system setting to force an attachment to the DCO before submitting for approval to support attaching a redlined track changes of the final draft for training.
  • TLM will record training time when the attachment to the DCO is opened from the Documents Released for Training screen.
  • A new system setting will allow TLM to use the Windows logon signature for electronic signatures.
  • When all reviewers have checked off on draft review, there is a new automatic e-mail option to notify the document author that the document is ready to submit for approval.
  • Custom field 250 was incorrectly labeling the New Document screen when the that custom field was set to “DHF,”  “DHR” was being displayed instead.
  • There is a new report on the Multiple DCO screen that will print out the list of DCO’s for the multiple DCO document.

Build 2 ( Requires database update – Posted in Build 3)

  • % Complete was added to the list of events tasks connected to a particular audit finding so the user can tell if that task is done when looking at the list from an audit finding.
  • A new report is now available from the inspection task sample data entry screen that can be used to collect sample data on paper from the shop floor for later data entry.
  • A simple Work Order traveler has been added list of work order print outs.  This traveler print out simply has basic operations information on a single line item.
  • The Multiple DCO feature will now work when simply changing a group of documents to Obsolete.

Build 3 ( Requires database update – 1/6/2016 11:00 AM)

  • A new system setting option ( Option 6)  for who can release documents was added to expand the list of people who can release documents to include anyone with document admin permission. (6-Doc Admin, Mgt Rep, or Document Admin Permission)
  • Rejected Material records can now be linked to Document Change Orders (DCOs) for when a new revision addressed a non conformance.

Build 4 ( Requires database update – Posted in build 5)

  • Automated training assignments by department were being added for individual documents, but not for all documents when selecting yes after closing the Departments screen for a given employee.
  • The Lean Machine will retain the formatting for the first revision number when automatic numeric revisioning is selected in system settings, if the system setting is 1 or 01 the new revision will also be 1 or 01 accordingly.
  • For the first revision, the Edit DCO Number/Rev option on the Action drop down for the New DCO / ECR form will allow the revision to be edited to support loading existing revisions higher than the first revision when automatic revisioning is turned on in system settings. The default DCO number will be formatted as YEAR-Three digit Sequential.
  • The system setting that controlled the visibility of the document difficulty field and the training verification check box was expanded to include:
    • Hide both Training Difficulty Field and Training Verification
    • Use Training Verification Only
    • Use Training Difficulty Only
    • Use Both Fields
  • Automatic training assignments can now be added to manually for each document and preserved. Manual additions are displayed with a green text font to show they were added manually as apposed by the Core Training list or from a department association based on system settings.  Manual additions must be deleted manually as well.
  • The DCO print out had an error for the training required field and was always displaying as checked for yes.
  • The print out for the multiple DCO list will now match the selected display from the Show drop down list.  The display will also automatically configure itself for depending of whether it is a pre-submittal DCO or a post submittal DCO.

Build 5 ( Requires database update – 1/18/2016 12:30 PM PST)

  • A third electronic signature option that attempts to connect to the active directory server was added that allows TLM electronic signatures to use the Active Directory username and password.  Enter the users Active Directory name on the Employee information screen, otherwise they will need to enter that username before entering their AD password for signing in TLM.
  • Another option was added to the system setting that controls this display of the Purpose and Scope field.  This option shows the field, but hides the title so that different documents can have different titles for that field that are simply entered at the top of the field.
  • Document Control, CAPA, and the Employee module will remember some of the settings that used to delay the initial opening of those modules.  So instead of a delay each time TLM is opened, there is only one delay after a TLM update and the user opens those modules for the first time after the update.  Opening Document Control after relinking and publishing TLMMySQL.accde to other users would be a good deployment strategy, as you would set doc control for them, and eliminate the “Relink TLM?” message.
  • Inspection templates will now automatically load when a new inspection is created, and the part, revision, and inspection type match an approved inspection template for that part.

Build 6 ( Posted in build 8)

  • The list of related projects to documents had an error on the delete button, and the project count will now be included on the Notes line.
  • The display of the default assignment for who’s assigned to edit the next draft was not being displayed properly on the document management screen.
  • Deviations can now be linked to documents using the Deviation search screen.
  • Linked deviations will now be included on the Notes line of the Document Management screen.
  • The mechanism to save the module configuration for a given user introduced in build 5 was not being triggered correctly.
  • Non Doc training assignments by job title are now automatically added to everyone’s requirements who has that assigned job title.
  • A new report off of the list of documents for a Training Requirement (Master List) will display the training records for those documents by employee, as well as the last grade for everyone who has taken that training.
  • The electronic signature screen will now display the Active Directory username being used when signing against those credentials.
  • The feature to add the training list of one document to other documents was using a drop down list limited to released documents. This was changed to the latest document revision with a document change order.
  • The dashboard category “Deviations to Close” was being displayed on the dashboard while there where still outstanding reviewer signatures.
  • The dashboard category of Quizzes to Take for non document training was indicating a quiz to take before a quiz was created for a given training.
  • Adding trainees by Department to the non document training roster was adding duplicates if more than one department was selected.
  • There was a parameter prompt for “Department” prompting the user for a value when opening the Equipment search screen from the dashboard.
  • The Rejected Material screen will now filter the part name drop down to match parts on the PO when a PO number is entered.
  • The custom field screen will now refresh fields on the first try after logging in to TLM.
  • The new number process for NCRs was not counting existing records accurately, and new numbers were relying on the error trapping system which started at 0 and counted until the next available number, which eventually starts to take too long.

Build 7 ( Posted in Build 8)

  • The dashboard category of CAPA – Plans Needed was showing up on the dashboard, but not on the search screen if the action plan due date was left blank on the CAPA record.
  • The buttons to add action plan reviewers was not working on the main Corrective Action screen.
  • The dashboard category for CAPA – Plans Needed will default to the CAPA manager unless the action plan is assigned, then it will belong to whoever is assigned to the action plan.
  • The feature to reload the last revision was fixed and moved to the first draft document viewer screen in the doc control module.
  • The Document Management screen has a new feature to capture Input / Output and upsteam/downstream process information designed for section 4.4.1 in ISO 9001:2015

Build 8 ( Requires database update – 2/21/2016 9:30 PM PST)

  • The dashboard category of CAPAs to close will change to CAPAs – Final Approval when all that is left to do is the final signature.
  • The Assigned to Edit drop down list on the document management screen was not being displayed properly after it was used to make changes on the open DCO

Build 9 ( Requires database updatePosted in Build 11)

  • The audit checklist will now also show past finding history when doing a process audit as it will use the linked document to display past findings for that document/process.
  • The Document Dashboard “Release All” button was releasing documents that did not have all review signatures when there were multiple reviewers with the same name but different titles.
  • The process of opening the DCO screen was modified as some systems using OpenVPN wirelessly were getting connection errors when opening the DCO screen from the released document viewer.
  • The screen to list the Audit Team will now serve double duty and reconfigure itself to list employees to interview during the audit.

Build 10 ( Requires database update – Posted in build 11)

  • There are two new drop down lists for the inspection module, one on the main data entry screen, and one on the checklist details screen, that will open the attachments associated with the linked inventory record.  Attachments to the inventory record will show up on these drop down lists so that they can be used to link to documents/drawings outside of TLM.
  • There are now drop down lists with management rep control for the results or reasons associated with the three check boxes on the last tab for whether an investigation was needed, or a CAPA, or whether the rejected material warrants regulatory reporting.  All three yes / no options must have an option selected, and an associated result/reason indicated before the rejected material can be signed off.
  • The feature to export documents and attachments was updated so that MS Word and MS Excel documents will automatically extract.  Adobe .pdfs now have much of the process automated, with only a couple user clicks required, although a full version of Acrobat Pro is required for this feature.
  • There was a query running on the server that checked for any orphaned records in the table that recorded draft document check in / check out that was running too slow for systems with lots of documents.  This was causing a 30 second delay in opening draft documents that has been reduced to 3 seconds.
  • The first two draft document viewers have an option on the Action drop down list to copy the current draft as an attachment to the DCO for that revision.  This makes moving a redline copy easier, before clearing the changes, and submitting for approval, or converting to a clean .pdf and submitting for approval.
  • When a copy of the draft is attached to the DCO, the next revision will offer the user a chance to load that copy after the DCO is approved and submitted.(Which allows the retention of the editable copy when releasing .pdfs)
  • The licensing mechanism was fixed to allow 50 consecutive logins if disconnect from the internet, thus disabling the mechanism to check for a valid license.  This counter resets to 50 once the connection is restored, and the license is validated.
  • Two new filters were added to document control, RMF, and HFE which have the same system setting visibility controls as the MDR and DHF fields for medical device installations that are using these fields for organize documents.  These fields were also added to most document related reports.

Build 11 ( Requires database update – 3/17/2016 9:00 AM PST)

  • There is a new control point on the document management screen that will check for a linked draft and alert the user that their draft document is still linked with an option to cancel the submittal and embed the document before submitting for approval.
  • In addition, linked documents being reviewed by the reviewer list will not give reviewers access to relink the document.
  • The Risk and Opportunity screen now has a link to the record (Document or meeting) that originally identified the risk or opportunity.
  • When custom field 110 is set to “Purchase Orders” TLM will now save the vendor entered on the Rejected Material record when there is no PO number entered.

Build 12 ( Requires database update – 3/29/2016 10:00 AM PST)

  • E-Mail:  There is a new drop down list  on the screen to add email recipients that allows you to select a reviewer group.  Reviewer groups serve the document control and rejected materials modules to name a few.
  • A new email template (No 61) and a second e-mail button on the Rejected Materials screen will now open a preconfigured email template and the email Recipients screen to select the review group being notified of the new rejected material event. (See previous note)
  • There is a new system setting that allows the CAPA priority field drop down options to change from 1 -10 to Minor, Majoy, and OFI (Opportunity for Improvement)
  • A bug was fixed related to the system setting of “Force review signatures for all disposition records” for the Rejected Material module.  When this was unchecked, TLM was still enforcing the use of MRB disposition reviewers before the disposition could be closed out.

Build 13 ( Requires database update – 4/11/2016 5:30 PM PST)

  • CAPA:  There is a new system setting that will force two investigator signatures to approve the root cause evaluation.
  • Rejected Material: The RMA Letter report did not have the format setting for the disposition field set to allow the field to expand so text was being cut off.
  • Events: The Add button for the task list will now let anyone add a task to any event in order to support assigning tasks that are needed as a result of audit findings.
  • Deviations:  The same three trend analysis fields from the CAPA module are now available on the Deviations screen.  Reporting can also be done from either module to include one or both sets of trending data.
  • Document Management: The DCO Cover page wasn’t printing correctly, and the related ISO elements on the Document Relationship report were also fixed.
  • Equipment: The Calibration report on the Equipment module reporting screen was redesigned a little, and the check box changed to a color coded pass/fail display.

Build 14 ( Requires database update –  5/4/2016 5:30 PM PST)

  • Document Reporting: The late training reports are now filtered on the date range for the document training reporting screen.
  • Document Reporting: A new Input/output report was added to the bottom of the Document Reports drop down.  This report shows the inputs and outputs linked to each document, as well as the existence of a risk determination for that document.
  • CAPA: The is now a control when assigning investigators to prevent adding the same person more then once.
  • CAPA: There is a new supplier corrective action report that included investigation and root cause fields that is accessible from the Supplier Corrective Action screen off of the regular CAPA data entry screen.
  • CAPA: The drop down list of printing option on the Supplier CAPA screen is the first drop down to use the new Custom Drop Down System. This system works like custom fields and allows a company to both rename printing options to correspond with procedures or work instructions, but also allows them to hide reports that are not used to make selecting the needed report easier for users.
  • Equipment: A new report was added to the event screen in order to print out the basic calibration results of a specific event.
  • Equipment: A new 60 day due date display option on the equipment search screen was added that will show all events 60 days out by automatically configuring the search screen.
  • Equipment: A new report was added to the Event Reporting drop down list on the Equipment Reports screen called Equipment Events Due Next 2 months.
  • Rejected Materials: There is a new Excel Output option called “RAW Data Basic Data ONLY”
  • Rejected Materials: The custom field that can be used for purchase orders (110) was moved above the part name field, and the custom field that can be used for work orders, (109) changes to a plain data field when set to something other than “work order.”
  • Rejected Materials: The action tracking triggers where added to include reviewer additions, deletions, signings, status changes and final signature closure of a NCR record.
  • Rejected Materials: When creating a NCR from the inspection module, the contents of the text box on the last tab of the inspection screen will now be added to the Description field on the NCR.  The current user is also now displayed in the Reported by field.
  • Rejected Materials: When a reviewer has signed off on the main NCR record, the NCR and MRB information will be read only so all reviewers are signing off on the same information.
  • Rejected Materials: The linked customer feedback button was opening the customer feedback search screen, but not displaying the linked customer feedback record.
  • Audits: The dashboard category “Audits to Lead” was not displaying results on the search screen.
  • The new mechanism designed to save the module configuration for a given user was being reset due to a bug, thereby defeating the purpose of this system which is designed to bypass the initial module wait time when the same user logs in again, as reconfiguration isn’t needed if it’s the same user.  This system now covers the following modules: Audits, CAPA, Documents, Employees, Inventory, Meetings, Rejected Material, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, and Training.
  • Draft Doc Viewer: The Copy Template option was not opening the screen of document templates when using the drop down option.  The “Copy Last Revision” wasn’t loading the last revision as the current draft document.
 Build 15 ( Requires database update –  5/22/2016 12:30 PM PST)
  • Rejected Materials – TLM was creating new blank Reject Code and disposition records for closed Rejected Material records when there were no Reject Code or disposition records created before the NCR was signed and closed.
  • Rejected Material Search – The search filter for records with attachments was not working properly.
  • Rejected Materials Main Data Entry screen – The Employee field title link wasn’t opening the Employee Information screen.
  • Rejected Materials Disposition/dashboard – The category of Dispositions to Implement was not showing up on the dashboard for the assigned NCR Manager.
  • Deviations – Part information was added to the deviation screen, and the screen was split into two tabs, one for initial reporting, and the second for follow up and disposition.
  • Deviations – A new status “Follow Up/Disposition Needed” was added to distinguish between the initial data entry and the second tab fields to complete and close out the record.
  • Deviations – The deviations reporting was updated to include part numbers and part number filtering.
  • Deviations – The From filter on the Deviation search screen was not working properly. Part number/name filtering was added to the search screen as well.
  • Deviations/Audit Findings – There is a new mechanism to link deviations to an audit finding from either module. (Deviation screen, or Audit Checklist screen)
  • Rejected Materials: Once a user has entered data and triggered the Last Update time stamp the NCR number will be locked for a given record, so basically after they create it, enter some data, then close it, the NCR number will be locked.  If system settings for Mgt Rep access to NCR numbers is turned on, the Edit option will give the management rep access to the NCR number to fix it if needed.
  • Equipment – Two new custom fields where added to the Equipment Events screen that match custom fields 41 and 43 on the Main Equipment screen.  The intent is to provide a flexible and configurable way to capture who actually performed the calibration (internally or externally), that might be different than the person assigned to make sure the record was completed and on whose dashboard the event will be displayed.
  • Start Up/Updates: A confirmation/option was added to the update process in case it needed to be bypassed.
  • Document Control – The new DCO process was creating a default checklist that was not using the default checklist system that can be configured by document type, or by all document types.  The Checklist button will now turn green for completed checklists, regardless if system settings require a checklist or not.
  • Document Control – There was a bug on the document search screen that was preventing the display of documents without open DCOs under some circumstances.

Build 16 ( Requires database update –  6/09/2016 9:00 PM PST)

  • Document Control– The Risk and Opportunity screen now has search filters for both the Risk/Opportunity description and the Mitigation fields.  The records history will now also display who deleted the record if looking at deleted records.   The Risk and Opportunity report available from the Management Reporting screen will also filter on both Risk/Opportunity description and the Mitigation fields and open the report with hyperlinks to the individual documents on the report.
  • Purchase Orders – The vendor link on the PO search screen was not opening the vendor details in Contact Management module.
  • Projects – The Signature button for project reviewers would only work if you also had any Meeting / Review record open to the main meeting screen.
  • Equipment – Equipment permissions have been changed to Equipment Access, Equipment Event Access, and permission to create new records in either equipment or equipment events. Supporting systems to copy these settings to everyone else has also been updated for this three permission fields.
  • Equipment – The type field on the maintenance/inspection event details screen was not being locked after that event task was signed off.
  • Equipment – Equipment events will now force the minimum data required for the dashboard, Assigned To, Event Type, Description and Due date.
  • Equipment – The message at login about equipment events that are due is now only controlled by the check box on the Tools screen, User Settings tab, and no longer requires Admin permission before that message will display.
  • Equipment – Operating hours and mileage will now update the corresponding fields on the main equipment screen.
  • Equipment – The last two reporting options on the Event Report drop down list were showing “Pass” values before the record was signed off for equipment events.
  • CAPA – Containment field was added to the CAPA reports.
  • CAPA – Supplier CAPA 2 report was expanded to include linked tasks from linked events, as well as the follow up plan.  Containment was also moved above investigation field.

Build 17 ( Requires database update –  9/3/2016 4:30 PM PST)

  • Audits – TLM will check the document owner against the Lead Auditor and prevent lead auditors from auditing their own processes when adding a document to a process audit.
  • Audits – The Audit Standards screen changed the list of sections to a pop up list instead of a sub form to allow adjusting the width and the resolve a data connectivity issue
  • Document Training Reports – The Training Needed Report on the first drop down list was not reporting accurately.
  • Document Dashboard – The display for DCOs to Complete was missing the Assigned To Edit field, and the link was not opening the DCO form.
  • Document DCO Form – TLM will now check for missing document section assignments before allowing the DCO to be signed.
  • Multiple DCOs – Deleting a Parent DCO will now delete all the child DCOs.
  • Document Release Screen – When signing for another reviewer, TLM will automate a comment that you signed on behalf of the original reviewer.
  • Document Training – The Yes/No training required field on the DCO will now control the automatic assignment of training based on Core Training Lists for job descriptions, or the Department associations between documents and employees.
  • Document Training – The screen that manages the CORE training list now has an option to add a document to all job descriptions.
  • Document Training – The Management Rep or Document Administrator can delete training list records now, whether signed or not. This event is logged in the event tracking system.
  • Draft Document Editor – The first draft document editing screen now has a drop down option to fix the document’s checked in/out status to checked in.
  • Inspections – The Dashboard category of Inspections (Materials) was opening the search screen with duplicates for some records.
  • Employees – The Org chart report will now handle multiple job descriptions by using the primary job title to avoid duplicating people on the report.
  • Main Menu – The field for the quality policy was doubled in size to accommodate longer policies.
  • Inspections – The search screen filter for serial numbers was opening the search screen with duplicates for some records.
  • Rejected Materials, MRB screen – The reject code link will open the reject code screen, but going directly to the MRB will automatically create a linked Reject code record, with the current day/time as the received date, and whatever is selected from the drop down as the reject code.
    • The Ref Designator field can now be hidden with the custom field system. (MRB and Rejected Materials Screen)
    • Permission settings for Scrap will hide the scrap button (MRB screen)
  • Dashboard
    • Parts below min qty was not opening the Inventory search screen correctly.
    • Training To Teach – was counting deleted training records
    • Training to Take – This category will now show incomplete training events regardless of whether the training date is in the past or not.
    • DCOs to Complete – This category was being listed twice
    • Events Due Notification – This new dashboard category handles the list on the Notify tab of the Event Scheduler screen
  • System Settings – A new system setting has been added that allows TLM to display records by location to support multiple locations where most users only need to see records from their location.  The default setting of off, will allow TLM to display all records normally and hide all location related fields.
  • Permissions – New location permissions will allow a user to view all location records, as well as assign locations to records in addition to the default assignment.
  • Email – TLM will now send mail via the user’s local MS Outlook account, and include attachments.
  • Deviations – Deviations can now be linked to both multiple procedures and multiple part numbers on the first tab.
  • Reports – All TLM reports were set to the default printer setting to work with the users default printer.
  • Maintaining Locations – Deleting a location from the list of available locations will not be allowed if any TLM records have been assigned to that location.  A message will indicate the module and count of records in that module that will need to be reassigned before that location can be deleted.
  • Search Screens Added to Location Feature: – Search screens and new records will default to the users location setting.  New Records are assigned by default to the users current location setting, and additional locations can be assigned to records from the main data entry screen for the following modules:
    • DocumentsDraft Search, Document Management
    • DocumentsReleased Search, Released Document
    • Audits Audit Search, Audit Information
    • Rejected MaterialsRejected Material Search, Rejected Materials
    • Inspections – Inspection search, Inspection Main screen
    • CAPACapa search screen and main data entry screen.
    • Training Requirements – Search screen and Data Entry Screen
    • Training Records – Search screen and Data Entry Screen
    • DeviationsSearch screen and main data entry screen
    • EquipmentSearch screen and main data entry screen
  • NOTE: Search screens used to display dashboard totals will NOT be filtered by location when displaying dashboard totals regardless of location assignments.
  • Equipment Events – The Completed On date link will now open the date selection tool with a blank description.
  • CAPA Reports – The CAPA Type was added to the CAPA reports for individual CAPAAs

Build 18 ( Requires database update –  10/24/2016 4:30 PM PST)

  • The loggin screen now only requires one enter keystroke to sign in after entering username and password.
  • Audit Summary Screen – A new timer will requery the text being entered in order to save your work.
  • Audit Information Screen – A new field has been added to capture audit complexity/difficulty.
  • Audit Checklist screen – A new finding option has been added to capture noteworthy effort (OK+ )
  • Audit Information screen – Multiple Reviewers were added to the final approval signature to close out the Audit.
  • Dashboard – New categories for Audits to Review and Audits to Close were added based on whether there were any open reviews.
  • Equipment Events – Calibration specs were added to the decimal place setting available in system settings under the inventory category.
  • Document Management – The message describing the permissions required to link departments to the document did not match the actual permissions being enforced.  The permissions now match the message, Doc Owner, and assigned to edit (plus mgt rep and Doc Admin permission)
  • Deviations – Lot and serial number fields were added, along with a search screen filter that will search both fields.
  • CAPA – The part drop down list was slowing down the form when the inventory tables had lots of records.
  • Rejected Materials – Several changes to the Rejected Materials data entry screens were made to improve performance:
    • Data is now downloaded into a local table, then posted back to the MySQL database when the form unloads (switches/closes)
    • The Inventory drop down lists don’t need to look up the list of parts unless the form is being edited, which now requires the user to click the edit button.
    • Queries that looked for inventory data were moved to the MySQL database to improve performance.

Build 19 ( Requires database update –  12/08/2016 2:30 PM PST)

  • The report from the historical document release search screen will now show revision history correctly.
  • New reports for late training by month are available for document training.
  • The NCR search screen will open faster if not using the Location feature in system settings.
  • The Inspection screen will now show all parts in the drop down based on the system setting that controls integration between the inspection module and the PO module.
  • There are new search screen filters for a DHR (Design History Record) when that system setting is turned on in document control.
  • There is a new report from the Tools screen, Mgt Rep tab that will provide access to historical revisions that are missing from the historical release table so that they can be added back manually.
  • The Rejected Material module has a new FAA Repair form print out, and automatic categories added to the description field if a Source is created with the abbreviation of “FAA.”
  • Special characters in document titles will no longer cause errors when submitting the DCO or releasing the document.
  • The No Change document review mechanism was converted to process mostly on the database side to improve performance.

Build 20 ( Requires database update –  12/20/2016 8:00 AM PST)

  • The inspection checklist screen was redesigned without tabs and integrated with a new system setting that allows the custom development of this screen as well as customizing the display and functionality of the main Inspection Screen.
  • Custom Field 1 on the Inspection screen is integrated with a system setting from build 19 that when enabled, allows the filtering of PO data based on a pack slip number.
  • Selecting an Item from integrated PO data will now also add the quantity inspected to custom field 310, which can be renamed to Qty Inspected.
  • Active Directory credentials for electronic signatures can now we set for multiple locations that might have different active directory domains.  This is done from the Locations link from Settings, Module Settings.
  • A bug fix on the Events screen will now accurately count unsigned approvals, and allow the final signature to close the Event.
  • The Rejected Material Search screen has a new display available from the “Switch” button that included the ERP Transaction ID.
  • A new report from the Mgt Rep tab of the Tools screen will allow the recovery of missing historical documents.
  • There was a fix to the No Change document review process of a bug introduced in Build 19.
  • The Activity Tracking system will now handle special characters in the document title like single quotes and # symbol.
  • The calculations for Pass / Fail on the inspection checklist sample data sub form are now made when the user clicks on the Delta field.
  • Signing non document training will now remove it from the dashboard.
  • The Tools screen, User Setting tab has a check box to display or not display job descriptions on the document search screen. This was not working correctly and has been fixed.
  • TLM was losing the management rep assignment variable on some computers, this was corrected.
  • The query that creates a new DCO from the New Document screen was having problems on larger databases, this was fixed.
  • The Late Training reports for document training were requiring an entry one day early than the desired late training definition.
  • The Admin permission can now be used to provide alternate management rep permissions so that reassigning the management rep isn’t required.
  • Two new Late Training by Month reports were added for document training. (A graph and a list report)

Build 21 ( Requires database update –  2/26/2017 10:15 AM PST)

  • Supplier Tab of the Contact Manager screen:
    1.     8 check boxes and custom fields for supplier approval status. (3 new boxes added)
    2.      Added field for expiration date
    3.      Attachment button called Supplier Evaluation to add a file attachment
    4.      New approval records do not have a default value checked.
    5.      System Setting option added: An attachment has to be made AND a box checked before the user can sign off on a supplier
    6.    System setting option: approvals that are due to expire in 30 days will be on the dashboard of an assigned person.
  • Contact Manager Search screen:
    1. The supplier status is now displayed on the search screen color coded for clarity.
    2. The approval status is now displayed on the search screen in a separate  column.
  • Main Menu (login) The system setting in document control to set the default folder directory will now turn off that attempted setting if unchecked.
  • Equipment Calibration Events – the decimal place formatting can now be controlled for each calibration task.
  • Equipment Event Scheduling – The master scheduling screen now has a monthly option to have TLM automatically reschedule an event a certain number of months after the due date or after the complete date, whether the last event was completed or not.  There were also some fixes to other scheduling options for the weekly and monthly settings.
  • Evaluations – The summary field was changed to longtext to allow more text in this field.  The evaluation grade on the print out was fixed.
  • Document Control – There is a new Document Type Administrator assignment available on the document type screen and a new option on the system setting to turn on the document type administer that allows the assigned person to release documents for the type of document they are assigned to.
  • Deviations – The deviation type field was not displaying correctly on the two reports available from the main deviation screen.
  • Deviations – There is a new system setting which allows the following configuration of the deviation screen:
      • Hides custom fields 223 (Investigation / Root Cause) and 224 (Recommendation)
      • Switches the location of 225 and 222 (Recommendation and Justification)
      • Extends custom fields 225 and 221 across the width of the screen
    • Makes both tabs editable under the Draft status
  • Management Rep Alternate Permission – There is a new permission setting which allows a user to assume the management rep role after logging in with this permission enabled.  It does not replace the assigned management rep.
  • Inspection Task Screen – For the system setting “Inspection Checklist Configuration 1” the Inspection Task screen was modified to include making the remarks field larger, moving the final Pass/Fail field next to the Sign button, adding a button to access the sample plan, removing NCR related fields as well as the two links to Task Procedures.
  • Inspection screen – A new Pass/Fail field was added to the last tab as well as a signature control to force completion of the Pass/Fail field with a message pop up that summarizes the Pass/Fail or incomplete status of any inspection tasks.
  • Inspection screen – Selecting a part name or part number when the system setting  set to automatically load the approved inspection template for the type of inspection, will now automatically import the checklist.  A control was added to ensure the import can only happen when there are no checklist items already, and there is a new option to clear the checklist if needed for an open checklist.  All import options are now limited to open inspections when the user has inspection permission.
  • Inspection Search Screen – The display of the pass/fail status was added to the inspection search screen, as well as a new filter to filter on the Pass/Fail status.
  • Inspection Database Event – The MySQL database will now run three queries on a 10 minute interval that will update the new Pass/Fail status on inspections according to the following rules:
    • Pass/Fail is marked as passed if the field is now Null, and there were no failed inspection tasks, and the NCR Required field on the inspection is set to No, and the inspection has been signed as complete.
    • Pass/Fail is marked as passed if the field is now Null, and the NCR Required filed is null, the Inspection is closed, The pass/fail status of inspection tasks are Not fail (Pass or null), and there are no failed sample data entries.
    • Pass/Fail is marked as failed if the field is now Null, the Inspection is closed, the pass/fail status of inspection tasks is failed or null, and the NCR required field is set to Yes.
  • Document Control – The system setting that controls the mandatory completion of the document checklist can now be set to enforce completion either before submittal or after approval, but before release of the document.
  • Document Control – The system setting for the default DCO/ECR abbreviation was expanded to include a “DCR-4digit year-sequential” format.
  • Document Reporting – A new report is now available that shows all documents and their linked parts, as well as all parts that have linked documents.
  • Non Conformance Reporting – The Data Report titled “RAW Data Basic Data ONLY” on the drop down list now includes the part name, number, and revision of the rejected part(s).
  • Electronic Signatures – A new system setting was added that allows Active Directory credentials and the TLM password as a back up.  The existing Active Directory option will now ONLY allow Active Directory credentials when signing within TLM.
  • Attachments – The Add Attachment button will now clear the attachment field, set the focus on the Attachment field and automatically open the right click menu with the “Insert Object” option.  The text below was changes to read, “or right click empty field, select (Insert object).
  • Dashboard – The Training to Take category was not counting or displaying multiple assignments accurately.
  • Audit Module – The new OK+ finding was not showing up on the Compliance Monitor display in the OK column.
  • CAPA – There was a query that ran after a CAPA was moved backwards in status after the action plan was approved.  It was supposed to clear the signatures for that CAPA but was instead clearing all approvals for CAPAs and Deviations.

Build 22(Requires Database update – uploaded on 5/14/2017 2:00 PM PST)

  • Audit Module – The audit summary screen was not displaying linked DCOs, CAPAs, Events, or Deviations when the clicked yes to turn on the save timer.
  • Event Module – Audit findings that had been linked to Event tasks that had then been deleted were still showing as linked when viewing the list of event tasks.
  • Equipment / Dashboard – The search screen was not opening the Calibration results accurately from the dashboard.
  • Inspections – For system setting Inspection Checklist Configuration 1, inspection quantities are automatically populated to the main inspection table that have been captured on the inspection checklists so they will display on the search screen and inspection reports will function properly.
  • Inspections – The Vendor Performance report from the Inspections Reporting screen was color coded and sorted by percent failures.
  • Meetings and Reviews Search – The Chairperson filter on the search screen wasn’t filtering.
  • Meetings and Reviews dashboard –  A new categories were added for
    • Meetings to Sign Off On.
    • Meetings to Approve.
  • Meetings and Reviews: The meeting report will now display the list of documents linked to a particular meeting
  • Equipment Events – When the equipment event is set to reschedule a given number of months, TLM was using a 30 day month that came up short by 5 days when rescheduling for 12 months. This has been corrected.
  • Dashboard: Documents Overdue for Review – This was also using a 30 day month and calculations were not quite precise.
  • CAPA – There was a query that was supposed to clear reviewer signatures when a CAPA was reopened after the investigation, this query was clearing all CAPA and Deviation approver signatures, fixed in build 21, confirmed in build 22.
  • Main Menu: The timer responsible for logging a user our after inactivity was activating prematurely – this has been corrected, and won’t trigger if the DCO screen is still open.
  • Document Management: The queries responsible for updating document training based on core training lists will now be triggered at document release, and when the training required setting for the revision is changed.
  • Document Reporting: The Release documents report when being run with the Document Department link option for the Document Training list filter was having issues with some data.
  • Document Management: The DCO screen will now ask if the revision requires training if it set to No when approving the DCO.
  • Document Management: The Core Training list was throwing an error message when closing, functionality was not effected.
  • Document Management: Core training list assignments are now being made at the following trigger points:

– When the system setting is changed (All documents)
– When the Core Training List is closed (All documents, optional)
– When the Job Description screen is closed. (All documents)
– When the Training Record screen is closed. (Current Document only)
– When the Calc Totals button is clicked on the Training Tab of the Document Management screen. (User chooses All or Current Document)
– When the Training Needed status is changed on the Document Management screen (Current Document)
– When the document is released (Current Document)
– When the Training Reports screen is opened (All documents, optional)

Build 23(Requires Database update – uploaded on 7/4/2017 5:30 PM PST)

Inventory/CAPA: The link to CAPAs from the drop down list on the Inventory screen wasn’t working.
Purchasing: TLM was creating an extra record on the Qty / Location screen when receiving items that required a receiving inspection.
Equipment: Two new reports were added in the Event Reporting drop down list for Preventive Maintenance reporting, on with a filter display and one without.
Licensing System: The licensing system has been upgraded and now uses .Net 4.0 instead of .Net 2.0. This requires updates to run the updated RegisterTasks.bat file installed with the update.
Purchasing/Dashboard: There is a new dashboard category “Purchase Orders – Approval” for approvals when the PO is over the system setting dollar value which requires a second approval signature based on the assignment in system settings.

Employee Evaluations: There was a problem with the search screen query that was causing old evaluations to not show up.

Build 24(Requires Database update – uploaded on 10/25/2017 12:30 PM PST)

PERMISSIONS: Admin Access to documents was added as a permission that would allow access to the document checklist.

LICENSING: The licensing mechanism was changed to use .net 4.0, and the 50 disconnected log in feature was restored.

INITIAL SET UP: The Company address can now support different details for each company location for reporting.

NCRs: Deleting NCRs was only working if the Edit button was clicked first.
NCRs: Custom field 316 was added to provide a default text option for NCR Action Taken fields
NCRs: A location filter was added for NCR Reports.
NCRs: The NCR count on the location drop down was counting multiple location NCRs and showing a count of more NCRs than was actually there.
NCRs – An Excel export button was added to the top menu so that NCR export reports could be saved to file.

INSPECTIONS: – Pack slip (first drop down) will now display Part Number : Part Title
INSPECTIONS: The first Inspection report “Recieving Inspection” on the main Inspection screen was not displaying sample data

AUDITS: First time opening audit approval triggers “Drop Changes” message.
AUDIT: Links to CAPAs from Audit Module findings was fixed.
AUDITS: Type for Results of Effectiveness Review in Audit module.

EVENTS: Controls were added to event due date and reminder dates to ensure reminders couldn’t be after the due date

DEVIATIONS: Deviation Form Internal (report) – Custom field 221 was not autoexpanding on the report.
DEVATIONS: – The deviation module won’t allow the submittal without entering a root cause.
DEVIATIONS: – The status of “Needs follow up” category was eliminated.
DEVIATIONS: – The status of Approved and Closed were separated as individual statuses.
DEVIATIONS: – TLM will automatically change the status to Approved after the last signature.
DEVIATIONS: – The Dates are now locked down after approval.
DEVIATIONS: – The Reason field will now be available for data entry for returns / extensions.
DEVIATIONS: – A Reject button was added next to the approval signatue as well as a text field for the reason for an alternate signature.
DEVIATIONS: – Report filter was added for the status of needing an approval signature on the deviation reporting screen.

DEVIATIONS: – The typo for Results of Effectiveness Review field name was fixed.

DOC CONTROL: A released document folder support system has been implemented to allow TLM to support maintaining a folder of releaed .pdf documents. This includes system settings to define the folder location, and turn this setting on, as well as a save as functionality after the .pdf is released.
DOC CONTROL: Clearing the DCO signature and adding comments to a signed DCO was not working.
DOC CONTROL: New Document Titles will now support double quotes.
DOC CONTROL: The Document Checklist is now accesible after the document is submitted for approval.
DOC CONTROL:- Reviewers on the Document Approval list can now be ordered, and TLM will enforce the sequence of review with reviewers with the same priority number reviewing in any order.
DOC CONTROL: – The use of linked procedure button was expanded to other screens.
DOC CONTROL: – The option under the Training drop down list on the Mgt Rep tab of the Tools screen to delete duplicate document training records was fixed.
DOC CONTROL: – There is a new document module report under the Linked Document Reports drop down list called Documents and Linked Audit Sections that will list all Audit sections linked to documents and grouped by document.

CAPAs: Opening linked capas from the Contact Manager screen wasn’t working correctly.
CAPAs: – The default start date on the CAPA implementation times reporting screen will now refelct the start date on the main CAPA reporting screen.
CAPAs: The CAPA search screen filter for Supplier CAPAs was not working correctly.
CAPAs: There is now an option to add the Item value on the CAPA to the Material field for the supplier CAPA screen.
CAPAs: The Inspection Search screen will now display AQL values.
CAPAs: – The signature displays on the CAPA reports were adjusted for consistency

Build 25(Requires Database update – Not yet updated)
Purchase Orders: The display of the quantity accepted on from the linked inspection was not displaying correctly on the Receive PO screen.
Purchase Orders: Receiving PO items when an inspection was required was not opening the QTY/Location screen correctly for that part of the receive process.
Automatic Updates: TLM was getting stuck in an update loop after automatically triggering the update process.
Inventory: – The quantity of Expired Lot numbers will no longer be displayed on the Inventory Search screen totals, and a new inventory category has been created called “Expired” for the display of inventory quantities with expired lot numbers for a given record.

Build 26(Requires Database update – Not yet updated)

Alerts and Escalation: From the Tools screen the user can open a screen that lists the dashboard categories that they want automatic alert emails for.  The Alerts and Escalation server component needs to be running on the TLM server, and this component has a one time costs of $300.

Inspection Search: The Type field was not being displayed properly.

Inspection: Some performance changes were made to speed up response times.

Training: A new report called “Document Training History by Job Desc – Core Training List” was added to the third report drop down list on the Document Training Reports screen.

Dashboard: The list of Documents to Read was starting to slow down, improvements were made to improve performance.
Purchase Orders: POs with larger qty values were throwing an error as a variable was not defined properly in the database.
Rejected Materials: The report to print the search screen was not displaying the item number.
Rejected Materials: – A new Mgt Rep option on the Tools screen can close all open NCRs based on a date range using the Mgt Reps signature.
Rejected Materials: – There is a new system setting to control the assignment of new NCR records.
Audits: – You can now add audit requirement questions based on the section Group.
Audits: – The option to view finding history on the audit checklist screen was not filtering correctly and displaying ALL history, not just the history for the current question.

Build 27(Requires Database update – Updated 8/06/2018)
Document Training Reports: A new report was added to display training records by job description core training lists.
Document Training Reports: The late training graph by moth will now print faster, and includes a table for the months printed that shows the percent late in each month.
Document Training Reports: The late training reports will now exclude new employees when their start date is after the effective date of the document.
Document Training: The queries that assign document training based on a core list of training by job description will now add new employees to latest revisions of documents on their list, even if the latest DCO does not require training.
Audits: A new EZ Audit form is now available in a single screen checklist format.
Audits: A new standards library was added that can be imported for new standard checklists.
Audits: The two audit interview worksheets were not correctly organizing the questions under the applicable sections for the standard they belonged to.
Audits: Audits and meetings can now be linked.
Deviations: The Deviations – Drafts link from the dashboard was causing error messages before the Deviations search screen opened.
Document Training: The Late Training Graph – By Month report now has percent late calculations .
Dashboard: The CAPAs – Follow Up Overdue link was not opening the CAPA search screen correctly.
Inspections: TLM will now alert the user if they have open time tracking records when closing an inspection, and will ask if time tracking needs to be started again if it already has a closed time tracking record when the inspection is still open.
CAPA – Reporting: The Initiated vs Completed report now has two more bar charts and the date selection tool has options to make adding the same date range to all dates easier.
CAPA – Reporting: The approval signature on the individual CAPA report needed to be aligned with the field title.
Dashboard – CAPA Follow Ups Overdue: The dashboard link wasn’t opening the search screen correctly to display the correct number of CAPAs in this category.
Deviations – Reporting: The forth report on the drop down list didn’t have the Type field sourced correctly.
Equipment: Copying existing master schedules wasn’t pulling in the schedule settings.
Equipment: The automatic equipment event rescheduling was adding events to inactive equipment.
Customer Feedback-Search Screen: There is a new filter for the year of the feedback event.
MS Outlook Integration: TLM can address calendar events to a non-document training event roster, or the attendee list for meetings when sending these events to your MS Outlook calendar.
Metrics Module: There is new drop down on the first tab that will set up automatic data entry for monthly NCRs and Customer feedback.
Non Document Training Module: The student signature will now create document training records for any documents linked to the training for that student.
Inspections: Signing off on an inspection was creating a write conflict error message and new data on the last tab was not being saved.
—- 8/5/2018—-
Inspections: Two additional fields were added to the inspection screen, Inspection Level and Transfer Number.
Training Reports: There is a new report, Training Needed by Document, that shows released documents by date range with a new filter for whether training is required.
Multiple Modules: Employee drop down lists where showing inactive employees in some modules. This was changed on the database side so most if not all drop down lists of employees will only display active users.
Equipment: The Parent and Child links for equipment weren’t allowing deletes from the Parent list.
Equipment: The child links to other equipment will now be listed on the equipment report from the main equipment screen.
Equipment: On the equipment search screen, when viewing events, there is a status filter to show equipment with no scheduled events. This filter is now working properly.
Attachments: The attachment screen was requiring two click to close the screen. This has been changed to one click.
Attachment: Data checks will now prevent a user from creating blank attachments for records if the attachment screen is opened.
Rejected Materials: The main rejected materials/NCR screen was not displaying the lower comments sub form properly for the first record after logging in.
Audits: The performance of the audit checklist was improved when opening from the audit checklist search screen.
Metrics/Dashboard: Metrics due for review have been added to the dashboard for the Metric owner.

Build 28(Requires Database update – Updated 12/09/2018)
Audits: Creating a checklist was causing an error for users with long names, this has been corrected.
Audits: The audit report Question Results, for Process audits was not displaying individual questions properly.
Customer Feedback: A new system setting displays and requires a UDI field (Unique Device Identification).
Customer Feedback: Stages of completion have been added across the bottom of the bottom of the Customer Feedback form, to include automated advancement of the stage of completion when an email has been sent to the customer.
Customer Feedback: Custom field 48 is now controlled by a fixed drop down list the Mgt Rep can configure.
Customer Feedback: The Notes field which automatically displays information about linked records was accumulating the count of linked events.
Employee Information: Two new fields, Title and Gender where added to the Employee Information screen.
Employee Information: Permission rules were missing from the Job description screen.
Contact Manager: The Sub Type field is now supported by a fixed drop down list the Mgt Rep Controls.
Contact Manager: A new field for Hobbies/Interests was added to the Notes tab for Contacts (People). The ability to search this field was also added to the People Search screen.
Contact Manager: A new field for birthdays was added to the Contact screen.
Contact Manager: New companies created from the link on the Customer Feedback screen will immediately display on the Contact Manager Search screen without the need to refresh the display.
Audits: Two new fields, Objectives, and Criteria were added to the Audit Information screen and are available via buttons and pop up screens.
Meetings: The automatic email to Meeting attendees now includes the meeting agenda.
Meetings: The type field is now a fixed drop down list controlled by the Mgt Rep.
Meetings: There is a new reporting button on the meeting search screen that will print the search screen results by department.
Meetings: A new field for organizer was added with the same permissions as the chair person in order to record meeting minutes.
Meetings: A new report was added that does not force a new page for each agenda item. The new report is called Meeting Report Short, while the existing report is now called Meeting Report Long.
Meetings/Events: Events created from meeting minutes will now have the meeting number automatically added to the event name.
Events: The category field is now supported by a fixed drop down list controlled by the Mgt Rep.
Events: The Department (Custom field 90) was added to the Event screen.
Events: Event tasks have been color coded where red is late based on the task due date, green is not late, and a amber days drop down list allows the user to configure a 1-9 day range events will be amber that are about due.
Events: The event module now has privacy settings of Public, Group, Personal, and Sub Tasks. The group setting allows the assignment of a Privacy group controlled by the management rep, who are the only users allowed to view the event.
Metrics: The custom values for a Metric will now be displayed on the graphs, instead of just Vaule1, Value2, and Value3.
Projects: The project print out was corrected to properly display linked events and metrics.
Main Menu: The chat feature from the Team Link was improved to respond faster.
Dashboard: The dashboard category of Contracts to Sign was not displaying results properly.
Attachments: The access control by Access list was fixed and now works properly.
Evaluations: The access controls were tightened up and now prevent any access if you are not the evaluator or evaluatee.
E-Mail (Inbox screen): The display of received emails now displays the senders full name instead of the Employee ID field.
Multiple: New record numbering was adjusted in several modules to accommodate simultaneous new record creation from multiple users.
Deviations: New records are created with default values that allow the record to be immediately deleted if so required.
Updates: The mechanism that identified whether a user had updated was not looking at a specific user, but the fist record in the table instead.

Attachments: The security controls were fixed to accurately reflect the setting of Rean Only or Controlled by Access list
Metrics: An option to display the metric data value heading on the graph itself was added, although Optional as the legend describing the headings for values 1,2, and 3 perform faster.
Meetings: Rich Text options have been added to improve the presentation of meeting minutes in reports and emails.
Meetings: Access controls have been made consistent to allow the Chairperson, assigned Organizer, Attendees, the management rep, or someone with permission to view confidential meetings to view confidential meetings.
Meetings: A new Status field has been added to the list of meeting attendees to record a customizable list of options, such as Attended, absent, notified, etc.
Meetings: The date for the next review due now has a control to force future dates and not allow past dates.
Meetings: TLM used to use a separate screen to create a new meeting record, this screen has been made obsolete and TLM now opens the main meeting record for new records.
Meetings: A means to automatically renumber the agenda order either numerically or alphabetically.
E-mail: The email module will now support attachments, although to retain a local copy in TLM, a second insert object action is needed after the attachment is identified for outgoing SMTP mail.
Documents: Clicking the View Only button for released documents will now always display the released revision, event if changes that can’t be saved were just made without closing the viewer.
System Settings: meeting & Review settings were added to control default settings for confidentiality and to hide the part number field.
Document Control: Risk and Opportunities feature was having some issue getting new records started, this was fixed.
Equipment: The Equipment Report on the Print drop down list was crashing if the Child Parts screen wasn’t opened first to set query parameters
Chat: The chat feature is now working better than previous versions.
Management Rep Tools: The user log off feature will now force TLM to close, this can be used to support automatic updates after the update file location has been configured, and placed accordingly.
Audits: The control to prevent the Lead Auditor to auditing a procedure they were the process owner of, has been added to importing pervios process audits and their linked procedures.

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