TLM Hosted Trial Installation

Step 1 – Install TLM based on your MS Office version

MS Office 2007  – Click Here

MS Office 2010 – Click Here

MS Office 365/2013 – Click Here


Step 2 – Install OpenVPN based on your Window OS version


(32 bit Windows OS)

(64 bit Windows OS)


Step 3 – Unzip the Certificate Files and start OpenVPN

  1. Unzip the certificate files from LMBS to your C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\Config folder
  2. Right Click the OpenVPN shortcut, select Properties, click the Advance button and check the open as administrator check box

(Step 1 and 2 only need to be done once)

  1. Double click the OpenVPN icon, the right click the red OpenVPN status icon that appears by your clock on the Windows task bar, and select “Connect.” Wait for the icon to turn green and indicate that you are connected.

Step 4 – Start and Login to The Lean Machine

  1. AFTER OpenVPN status icon turns green, then open The Lean Machine and log in. (Contact LMBS for login credentials)


Other Instructions:

  1. The first time installation is pretty much a click through event, with the exception of the MySQL ODBC driver.  The default option of “Typical” should be changed to “Complete.”
  2. If asked to reboot in the middle of the installation, select No, and wait until you get the “Installation is Complete” screen for The Lean Machine.  Then you can reboot if needed.
  3. There is a new licensing system that requires .NET 2.0  So install it if you get an error after trying to start TLM for the first time.
  4. If you are installing several users, you can relink the first UI File, (TLMMySQL.accde) then simply copy and paste it to the other installed computers in their C:\LMBS\TheLeanMachine folder.
  5. If a reinstall is needed, uninstall the existing TLM installation first.  If changing MS Office versions, uninstall both TLM, and the Runtime version of MS Access, then run the full installation .exe for the new MS Office version.

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