The Compliance Management modules ensures that your company has the compliance software needed to meet the requirements imposed by governmental bodies, regulators, industry standards, customer mandates or internal policies.

Compliance Management Modules

The audit module allow you to establish criteria, whether it is criteria of an international standard, or your own criteria for vendors or internal procedures.   This criteria can then be audited with the results summarized and linked for drill down to the individual findings for process owner sign off and resolution.  Links can be made to documents, corrective actions and attachments can be made to this as well as any other module throughout the software.

Quality Record Management
The Quality Records module helps you manage what is essentially the evidence that you are doing what your procedures say you are doing.  It allows you to track the location of this evidence and the time frame that this evidence needs to be retained for audits, or to meet other legal obligations for record retention.

Document Management Software
Nothing is more fundamental than a good document control system, and it applies to every aspect of your business, so it is listed under every category.  This module Provides both single and multiple document release capability and links between your documents and other areas of your business systems.  It provides users with easy access to the latest procedures, and document authors with a multitude of conveniences and features for managing documents and controlling change to procedures.

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