Customer Management ensures the relationship with your customer is one that supports both repeat business, and the holy grail of any one’s marketing effort….word of mouth endorsement of your company and products.

Customer Management Modules:

Contact Manager/Vendor Management
This CRM module allows you to store all the details of the companies you work with, such as customers, vendors, etc. Both company and individual contact information can be stored as well as information about vendor approval status, contact history in terms of phone calls, e-mails, or any other form of interaction you have had with them.  Links can be made between companies and other module records such as corrective actions, non-conforming material reports, audits, etc.

Internal E-mail System
This internal e-mail system provides an e-mail system for your users that can both send mail via MS Outlook, as well as import sent or received mail in MS Outlook.  This e-mail is completely self sufficient and will provide an e-mail style communication tool, even when external e-mail has not been set up.

Customer Feedback
The Customer Feedback module acts as a collection point for any kind of customer feedback so that it can be assigned to someone for resolution depending on your internal procedures and the type of feedback.  This module plays a key role in meeting several of the regulatory requirements of both ISO and FDA.

Document Management Software
Nothing is more fundamental than a good document control system, and it applies to every aspect of your business, so it is listed under every category.  This module Provides both single and multiple document release capability and links between your documents and other areas of your business systems.  It provides users with easy access to the latest procedures, and document authors with a multitude of conveniences and features for managing documents and controlling change to procedures.

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