Organizational Development

Organizational development modules allow you to set goals, defines roles, grants authority, and defines the measurements for performance, both for the individual and the organization. 

Organizational Management Modules

Strategic Planning
Based on the principles of Hoshin Kanri , management’s vision, and the projects to implement that vision are organized, planned, delegated, and synchronized to every employee.

Project Management
Project Management software is the most usefull when it can be linked to the quality and inventory management activities that the project is supposed to support. Using the Projects module in The Lean Machine allows you to organize an individual or group of people on a group of tasks that can be linked to a variety of other modules within The Lean Machine such as strategic planning, design projects, inventory management, customer relationship management, document management, events, etc.

Event/Tasks Module
The Events module provides a task and sub-task list with assignments, due dates and reminders that supports a variety of other modules and are rolled up to the Employee Dashboard when tasks are due.

Meetings & Reviews
This module provides several features to maximize the benefits of getting people together. Whether it’s to review the quality system, the strategic plan, or for product design and development, records of the meeting should be kept, and specific action items should be assigned and followed. Meeting minutes with links to events or corrective actions help ensure decisions are followed through.

Metrics (Six Sigma)
The metrics module allows the capture of key metrics. These metrics can be any number of things from process metrics or financial metrics to project metrics or individual metrics. High and low parameters can be established and up to three different measures can be graphed simultaneously for comparisson.

Employee Evaluations
This module allows supervisors to conduct secure employee evaluations. It also allows the employee who is evaluated, easy year round access to their evaluation in order to support, focus, and motivate their own continuous improvement activities.

Employee Information
The Employee information module let’s you manage employee information as well as other employee related activities such as training.

Employee Dashboard
The Dashboard creates a convenient “to-do” list by pulling up any assigned tasks from all of the modules and then customizing it for the current user. More importantly, it also provides easy links that lead the user directly to the area of The Lean Machine that will allow them to complete the task. It also serves as an escalation tool as it provides supervisors access to dashboards of the employees they manage.

Employee Feedback
The employee feedback module provides another communication tool between your employees. It can be used to collect ideas, suggestions, comments, criticisms, or as the first data entry step for a unique in-house process. You can also use the system setting feature to turn on the capability to use the Employee Feedback module as the first data collection step prior to a formal corrective action.

The training module allows you to define, schedule, record and manage training requirements and activities for your employees. You can manage training from the perspective of the employee, the training, or the job description assigned to the employee.

Document Management Software
Nothing is more fundamental than a good document control system, and it applies to every aspect of your business, so it is listed under every category. This module Provides both single and multiple document release capability and links between your documents and other areas of your business systems. It provides users with easy access to the latest procedures, and document authors with a multitude of conveniences and features for managing documents and controlling change to procedures.

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