The Auditing Software module supports multiple audit types:

  • Audits to a Standard: These audits ensure your quality management system meets the requirements of the standards that apply to your company, and
  • Audits of a Process: Audits to ensure your business processes are performing according to plan, as defined by your policies and procedures, which of course can be linked to the audit checklist.
  • Vendor Audits: You can make up your own vendor audit checklist, establish point values for different responses, and then take you laptop to a vendor’s site. After the data is entered and points are assigned, you can now objectively rate your vendors.
  • Make up you Own Type: Audit types are defined by the user, so make up your own if needed.


With our Auditing Software you can:

  • Conduct multiple types of audits. (see above)
  • Record observations related to Lean opportunities, waste, 5S, etc.
  • Check the status of your conformance with one or a combination of standards and provides links to the findings in each category of OK, Opportunity for Improvement, Minor, or Major.
  • Perform audits on-line or off-line, record findings from any computer on the network, or work while disconnected and synchronize after you log back into the network, or take your laptop to audit a vendor.
  • Automatically generate checklist questions based on previous audits, or the ISO Clauses being audited within the Auditing Software module.
  • Load the requirements of any standard into the Master Audit Checklist module, and then use this master list to populate audit checklists.
  • Link controlled documents to an audit question in two ways:
    • Documents that address an ISO clause: For example, ISO Clause 4.2.3 address the need for document control. So your document control procedure would be linked to ISO Clause 4.2.3. When auditing that clause, this and any other document linked to clause 4.2.3 will be accessible from the audit checklist. This provides the auditor with a complete list of documents that in some way address the clause being audited.
    • Procedures being audited: You can also link a document to a question from the checklist as the processes being audited. This document can then be easily displayed using one of the document viewers from the document control module.
  • Link audits to CARs or Document Change Orders so that users can see the full picture of an issue regardless of which module they first discover it from.

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