Customer Complaint

The Customer Complaint Software module acts as a collection point for any kind of customer compliant handling so that it can be assigned to someone for resolution depending on your internal procedures and the type of feedback.

With our Customer Complaint software you can:

  • Provide employees with a mechanism to collect customer feedback from any source.
  • Assign each feedback event to a specific person for action depending on the feedback and area of impact.
  • Conduct customer surveys to proactively obtain structured feedback from customers.
  • Link feedback events to the corrective actions initiated in response to the feedback.
  • Link feedback events in the Custom Complaint Software module to Non-conforming material events.
  • Flag certain feedback reports as requiring special action, such as a regulatory reporting if you are a medical company.
  • Feedback can be tracked by two customizable categories of Category and Type.
  • Additional Reviewers can be established who must review and verify that all needed actions have been taken.

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