Considering all the times that a quality event involves a customer or a vendor, the integration of the CRM Software module with the other modules saves a tremendous amount of time and prevents both duplicate and erroneous data entry.

With our CRM Software you can:

  • Manage company relationships with:
    • Vendors
    • Customers
    • Partners, etc.
  • Link customers and vendors to important events like non-conforming material reports, feedback reports, Corrective Actions, Audits, etc.
  • Manages multiple contacts at a single company, or simply enter a single individual.
  • Establish an Action Plan for a given company that shows up on the assigned person’s dashboard when due.
  • The CRM Software module allows you to attach documents and approve contracts.
  • Record and invoice time and expense charges to a company.
  • Define vendor approvals and the scope of what they are approved to provide, plus monitor their performance.
  • Check MS Outlook Address Book for a contact and export a contact to MS Outlook.
  • Send e-mails through MS Outlook that are recorded in The Lean Machine so that there is a contact history maintained that others can view.
  • Merge multiple records for the same company into one record.
  • Use any of the robust search features to easily find a company by a variety of information, including first or last names of people who work at the company.

Take your company beyond ISO certification with our all-in-one quality management solution.

Our software is backed by a 100% success rate for ISO certification on the first try!

Pricing is not an obstacle to implementation, so start your company's transformation today.

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