Document Management

Our robust document management module, one of 26 modules included in our software, will help you get control of the paper floating around your office and quickly conform to ISO 9001, 13485, FDA, or other regulatory requirements.

Integrated with our inventory management, quality, internal audit and corrective action (CAPA) modules, you will also better manage supplier quality.

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Key Features of the Document Management Module

  • Link or embed documents in their original file format.
  • Import your existing documents without renumbering, reformatting, or renaming them.
  • Open multiple documents at the same time and keep track of which ones are open with the dynamic hyper-linked open screen list on the Main Menu.
  • Give reviewers access to edit the final draft with a first-come-first-serve check-in/check-out document review mechanism.
  • Release multiple documents under a single DCO/ECR form.
  • Automatically e-mails the Review Authority list when the document is ready for review, and also when the final draft is ready for approval.
  • Documents needing review, approval, editing, and more will show up on the appropriate user’s dashboard with a link to the applicable area of the Document Management Software.
  • Will also help you track the printed copies of your controlled documents.
  • Link a document to a part in the material management module and use the review and approval of the document to control the release of its corresponding part for production in the Material Management Module.
  • Require users to sign off on a training record after the document is released.  The Document control module will record how long the user has the document open during the initial training review of the document, and displays this time next to their training signature.
  • Release any document with “Template” in the title and automatically import it when beginning a new document of that type.

Create useful relationships to your documents to include:

  • Other documents’ Quality Records created
  • Metrics Events/Tasks
  • ISO Clauses addressed User List
  • FMEA projects Work Centers/Departments
  • Parts from the Bill of Materials Projects


Take your company beyond ISO certification with our all-in-one quality management solution.

Our software is backed by a 100% success rate for ISO certification on the first try!

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