Employee Dashboard

The Employee Dashboard allows you to get there faster.   It creates a convenient “to-do” list by pulling up any assigned tasks for all of the modules and then customizing it for the current user.   More importantly, it also provides easy links that lead the user directly to the area of The Lean Machine that will allow them to complete the task.

With our Employee Dashboard software module you can:

  • Switch navigation on the Main Menu  between the Main Menu module buttons, and the Employee Dashboard.
  • Collect all the assignments for a user and display them on the Main Menu.
  • Easily navigate to the area of The Lean Machine where the task or assignment can be accomplished.
  • View the dashboard assignments for any employee by selecting their name on the Dashboard menu.  This fosters a sense of accountability, and minimizes the need for managers to constantly follow up or remind people of their assigned tasks.
  • Display Dashboard assignments can also by their categories, such as:
    • Audits
    • Document Control
    • Production
    • Corrective Actions
    • Contact Management
    • Equipment
    • FMEA
    • and more…

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