Employee Feedback / Suggestions

The Employee Feedback module can be used to collect ideas, suggestions, comments, criticisms, or as the first data entry step for a unique in-house process.  The Lean Machine classifies employee feedback as either an observation of a deviation from a controlled process, or as a suggestion for a possible improvement that can lead to either a new CAPA or Event record in order to manage the change.

With our Employee Feedback Software you can:

  • Provide employees with an easy and convenient mechanism to submit ideas or other information to anyone in the organization.
  • Respond to feedback even when submitted  anonymously.
  • Categorize feedback to help identify larger issues and trends.
  • Assign and re-assign feedback to ensure the right person is able to respond.
  • Use Employee Feedback module to link feedback to the Event / Task module to create a plan of action that is traceable to the initial feedback.
  • Create a response history using an “add only” comment generator to either respond or ask the person who submitted the feedback for more information, even if submitted anonymously.

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