Employee / User Information

The Employee or User module let’s you manage employee and Non-Employee information for people who need access to The Lean Machine.  This allows you the flexibility to extend the quality system umbrella over the collection of people who need to collaborate within your business, whether those people are employees, contractors, vendors, etc.


With the Employee/User Information software module you can:

  • Manage user information to include:

    • Name, address, etc

    • Supervisor

    • Permissions in The Lean Machine

    • Job Descriptions assigned

    • Resume

    • Password

    • SS number

    • Work Centers / Department assigned

    • Link Non-employees to Contact Manager module

  • Link to related modules to:

    • Assign Employee to Training
    • Add user to Document User lists
    • Look up Document Training History
    • Audit Area Qualifications
  • Assign Employees to more than one job description to accurately reflect real world conditions, while allowing a small business to define jobs for future business conditions.
  • Manage Information related to an employee such as:
    • Document User List
    • Document Training List
    • Training Requirements
    • Employee Evaluations

This module can be renamed using the Custom Field system.

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