Events Module

Do you manage your tasks with Post-it notes?  This Project Management Software tool allows you to track and link individual events and tasks to both Projects and other modules throughout The Lean Machine.

The Project Management Software tool links your to-do-list to all the areas of The Lean Machine where an extra list of things to do might come in handy.

With this module you can create multiple tasks under each event which acts like a mini-project management tool.  Also link tasks to other events for additional layers:

  • Controlled Documents
  • Strategic Planning Projects
  • Meeting and Review Agenda Items
  • Corrective Actions
  • Schedule a single event, or schedule the same event to reoccur using an Outlook style Event Scheduler.
  • Attached external files to both each reoccurring event as well as the Master event in the Event Scheduler.  This allows the module to be used to capture quality records that may need to be input into another application, like MS Excel.
  • Link events to controlled documents.  This is especially useful if the document is supposed to create a quality record of some action, as the action can be described as a reoccurring event and linked to the document.

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