The FMEA Software module (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) is used to proactively consider the risks associated with a process, product or part.  FMEA Software can be a very useful tool in the beginning stages of development, as it can focus a multi-disciplinary team of employees on the issues that could ultimately lead to mistakes, re-work, and unhappy customers.

Features of our FMEA software module include:

  • Conduct Process or Product FMEA projects.

  • Link Actions from the analysis to either Corrective Actions or Document Change Requests.

  • Automatically calculated a RPN (Risk Priority Number).

  • Establish team members, and their area of responsibility during the FMEA project.

  • Customize your own start up checklist for FMEA projects so that each will consider such issues as:

    • Are all effected areas covered?

    • Does the team have adequate expertise for the process or part being analyzed?

    • Should the customer be involved?

    • FMEA Software within The Lean Machine can be linked to a variety of other modules to establish and record risk assessment activities.

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