Inventory Management

The Lean Machine supports Lean Manufacturing by allowing customization of the information needed at various stages of a lean manufacturing environment.  Even though visual systems may be deployed where possible to trigger material movement, regulated industries will still be required to implement lot and/or serial number tracking along with MDR and DHR information.  The Lean Machine™ provides a very flexible platform of modules that can be used to support a lean manufacturing environment.

With our Inventory Management module you can:

  • Control and track serial and lot numbers.
  • List and approve suppliers for each part.
  • Establish a quality plan/checklist that can be imported into the Inspection Module.
  • See an overview of material requests and in-process work orders from the Inventory Search screen with links to those activities.
  • Manage inventory by using a Row, Level, Column, container indicator to describe the location and the quantity stored at that location.
  • Push or Pull purchasing requirements from either minimum inventory levels or Sales Order requests.
  • Control the release of parts for production with reviewer lists, or links to the released drawing with matching revision.
  • Track all material movements from purchasing through the sales order.

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