Meetings and Reviews

The Meetings and Review module provides several solutions to maximize the benefits of getting people together. Whether it’s to review the quality system, the strategic plan, or for product design and development, records of the meeting should be kept, and specific action items should be assigned and followed.

With our Meetings and Reviews software module you can:

  • Replace inefficient note taking by entering your meeting minutes into your QMS.
  • Assign meeting attendees, including whether they are representing someone else.
  • E-mail attendees a prewritten invitation to the meeting as well as the completed minutes.
  • Create agenda items and record the minutes of the meeting under each agenda item.
  • Link agenda items to corrective actions or tasks assigned in the Event module when an action needs to be assigned and not forgotten.
  • Integrated with the Metrics module so that established metrics can be automatically loaded into the meeting for review based on a review frequency established for each metric.
  • Displays a link from metrics being reviewed to the Strategic Planning project or Release Document (Process) they are associated with.
  • Action items can be exported to the Project Management or Corrective Action modules.

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