Project Management

The Project Management Software module allows you to organize an individual or group of people on a group of tasks that can be linked to a variety of other modules within The Lean Machine.

With our Project Management software you can link together data from:

  • Strategic Planning – Strategic Plans are implemented via the Project Management Software Module.
  • Metrics – Defines what measurements define the success of the project.
  • Events – Provides the details of tasks, sub tasks, assignments, and due dates to make sure it all happens on time.
  • Purchase Orders – Can be used to keep track of purchases related to the project.
  • Work Orders – Can be used to keep track of prototyping of new designs.
  • Released Documents – Any procedures affected by the project can be referenced to the Project Management Software module.
  • Attachments – Attach multiple references as needed.
  • Companies – Link to a customer or vendor record.
  • Department – Department notification system can alert a customized list of people about a project in their department.

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