Non-Conforming Material

Identifying and controlling non-conforming material is critical to prevent unintended use or delivery.

However, non-conformance, from a Lean point of view, is an opportunity to improve other processes that are affected by a non-conformance event.

The Lean Machine’s Non-Conforming Material module is a flexible tool that can be used in a variety of ways.

When a non-conformance involves what you make or your raw material, the Rejected Material/NCR software module can be used to initially capture the details of this event for later trend analysis and reporting, and to record the disposition of the material.

You can also use it as a Return Material Authorization system to manage product returns from your customers, as well as tie it into your supplier quality management system.

With the Rejected Materials module you can:

  • Customize the name of this module and various fields to suit your business environment. Call it Rejected Materials, NCRs, RMAs, Bug Reports, or whatever makes the most sense to your employees.
  • Tracks reject codes for multiple components of a given item.
  • Link each rejected component with its own disposition review / MRB record.
  • Print out a RMA form for a customer that authorizes them to return a product. Scan the bar code on this form when it is returned with the product to quickly identify and process it when it arrives with the returned item.
  • Track root causes and link events to individual vendors, employees, work centers, or stage of production as applicable.
  • Include additional reviewers as part of a Material Review Board using the electronic signature feature.

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