The Training module allows you to define, schedule, record and manage training requirements and activities for your employees.

With our Training module you can:

  • Manage training for both general training and training related to a specific document.
  • Create a Master List of Training requirements that can be assigned to each employee.
  • Manage training requirements by Job Description using the Training Software module.
  • Schedule training based on how many employees are overdue to take a training, and assign training to an employee based on their requirements that can be imported based on their job description.
  • Create training records for events such as:
    • Off site training
    • On-the job training
    • On-line training
    • Certifications
  • Create either paper or electronic training records for each training event.
  • Attach Power Point or other training material to the training record so that trainees can review this material prior or during the class.
  • Hyperlink the Training title to an on-line training resource such as a YouTube video.
  • Have employees use their electronic signature to sign into the class without having to log off and back into The Lean Machine for each user.

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