Work Order

The Work Order Software module is used to define, control and record the operations associated with manufacturing an item, whether its a sub-assembly, or final product within a Lean Manufacturing environment.

Operations can be defined to fit what your company does, whether it’s assembly, machining, or some combination of assembly and fabrication whether performed in-house, or out-sourced to a vendor.

With our Work Order Software module you can:

  • Customize the Work Order software module name, call the module “Shop Traveler,” “Work Orders,” or whatever fits your lean manufacturing environment best.
  • Electronically pull material from inventory based on a first-in first-out basis.
  • List additional non bill of material components or hardware, if applicable.
  • Link Operations to the Inspection module if the operation is an inspection.
  • Print a bar coded work order and scan the bar code of completed operations to track the processing time for each operation.
  • All inspections associated with a work order must be completed before the item is completed and moved into inventory / storage.
  • Work Center scheduling tool allows you to see what processing equipment is available for your operations.

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